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Perfect for the rock garden or for naturalising beneath shrubs, this pretty spring bulb produces masses of small, star-shaped, white flowers. Originating in the eastern Mediterranean, they enjoy warm, dry weather in summer to ripen their bulbs.
This is a modern variety of an old cottage garden plant, very hardy and fast-growing, and freely seeding itself for future years - the ripe seeds are easily gathered for storing before pulling plants up in the autumn. Sow indoors in early spring and plant out once the danger of frost has passed in May or June.
An exceptional ligularia, this has tall, thin, flashy spires of bright yellow flowers catching the eye from a great distance.
The pale, lilac-pink flowers of this upright perennial appear throughout the summer and into the autumn.

A popular maple from Japan that is grown for its attractive ornamental bark which is conspicuously lined in white.
The Royal Horticultural Society have given it their Award of Garden Merit which is for plants of outstanding excellence. It contrasts perfectly with the foliage of evergreen shrubs and early spring-flowering bulbs. It is a native of southern Europe and Syria, but is not deterred by cooler climates, and may be sown outdoors in autumn to flower earlier than from spring sowings. It's tolerant of a wide range of soils, and produces the brightest winter bark when planted in full sun.
In mid-summer, the plant blooms with short, upright stems of small, creamy white, bell flowers.

To keep the size of the plant in check and to encourage the most colourful bark, remove a third of the stems back to ground level each spring. Heucheras look specially good used around the edge of a border or grown in swathes with yellow or silver variegated plants.
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