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Whether you're a beginner looking for some gardening know-how or an experienced gardener wanting inspiration, our expert guides will help you to get started.
Our simple step-by-step guides take away the mystery from common gardening techniques, such as sowing, pruning and taking cuttings. The thing that I love about gardening with children is, now I think about it, hard to pinpoint because there are just so many reasons. Although my eldest children's interest has waned considerably, I'm happy their roots have had a good start, even if their love of gardening is currently lying dormant! Luckily you don't need much space or money to garden; it's still possible to grow a few of your favourite veg in containers.
Still, thanks to wonderful sounding tomatoes like chocolate cherry or jellybean, purple carrots and pink striped beetroot, it's not hard to find something that will excite them. Allowing your child to choose what to grow is one way to ignite the passion; my four-year-old is currently desperate to sow some ornamental squash that will grow into a snake shape while my six-year-old is keen to plant some that will grow into "swans".
Although I do wistfully look at it, I have divided a small bed at the allotment into three for the youngest children.
Apart from giving them something they actually want to plant and somewhere to do it, I ensure they have metal, child-size gardening tools, gloves and watering cans to carry out the job well.

They also love the ownership of their plot, the sunflowers they have grown (helped by a bit of healthy sibling competition) but most of all they love spending time with me just pottering about.
BBC Gardening presenters and guest writers share their horticultural inspiration, problem-solving and sheer delight in plants and gardens. Drop in with your horticultural queries and conundrums and swap tips with other like-minded gardeners.
Entertain them with a selection of educational activities developed for four- to seven-year olds, in collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society. I've been visiting my allotment with one or more of my five children for the past nine years and have run a school gardening club for three. But I reckon given time, it will eventually blossom again into a love that started in our small back garden. I always hesitate to ask children what they would like to grow as many don't love vegetables and unfortunately I can't magic up a chocolate tree. It's best to let them have a good, sunny patch which can always be reclaimed when they've left home. One is growing herbs, another has given it over almost entirely to strawberries and the other child is going to grow his snakes. But these are all sundries and while important they're not the most crucial element to getting your child gardening.

Like all children, mine love creating and I believe they get great satisfaction from seeing the seeds they lovingly poked into the pots turning into seedlings and hopefully something they can eventually eat.
That is the wonderful thing about container growing; they can plant up a fun, brightly coloured plastic trug or an old tin bath to sit in the sunniest spot. It's a cliche but true - all they really want is time with you and that is perhaps the biggest investment you can make in growing gardeners. The presenter has become embroiled in a row with his own producers after they said he was going to be more even-handed in his discussion of organic and non-organic techniques.
While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. With my views and my methods of gardening." The original criticism of Don related to a 20 second sequence in a recent episode of the BBC Two show, in which the presenter described how he had found a lily beetle (Lilioceris lilii) on a fritillary plant at his Herefordshire garden, Longmeadow.

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