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Many people think of plants as purely ornamental, something to brighten up back gardens and window boxes, but there are many other uses for them. A delicious mix of gardening, cooking, health and beauty, Grow Your Own Drugs is packed with useful and practical information and gives viewers an insight into the science and history of plants used as natural remedies. Whether youa€™re struggling with insomnia, the kids have eczema, or your partner has a tickly cough, this series could be just the remedy.
With easy recipes James Wong shows how to make simple creams, salves, teas and much, much more from the stuff growing in your window box, the local garden centre or in the hedgerows.
The programme demonstrates how you can use plants found in your garden and local woodlands to make cheap and effective health aids for every day use.

The programme visited Kent in September 2008 filming in the pine forest at Bedgebury Pinetum, in Tenterden and the Hop Farm near Paddock Wood.
James is no stranger to Kent as he obtained his MSc in Ethno botany from the University of Kent as well as at Kew Gardens. Ethnobotanist and gardener James Wong demonstrates how to grow and transform familiar plants into simple natural remedies that could help ease the symptoms of a variety of minor everyday ailments. Using the flowers, fruit, vegetables, roots, trees and herbs that are all around us James provides preparations that could help relieve a whole range of common ailments, including acne, anxiety, cold sores and general aches and pains a€“ plus great ideas for beauty fixes such as bath bombs and shampoos.
Using only plants found in the UK, he makes remedies for various ailments, beauty products to keep you looking young for longer as well as preparations to enhance your general well being.

In the first episode James shows viewers how to make a natural face mask, a remedy for colds and how to use hops to help you sleep.

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