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MANILA, Philippines—Poor fisherfolk of the Bangsamoro political entity and in nearby areas will be able to fish in the waters near the Bangsamoro territory, the government’s chief negotiator said.
In Monday’s hearing before lawmakers of the aquaculture and fisheries resources committee in the House of Representatives, Peace panel chairperson Miriam Coronel-Ferrer said this is an assurance under the Bangsamoro framework agreement. Ferrer cited the addendum to the revenue generation and wealth sharing annex as saying these bodies of water, particularly Sulu and Moro Gulf, are part of the so-called Zones of Joint Cooperation. These waters nearby the Bangsamoro entity would be open to the fisherfolk of Tawi-Tawi, Sulu, Basilan, or among the poorest provinces in the country. Congress is awaiting the draft of the Bangsamoro basic law from the Office of the President.
Zamboanga City in the southwestern Philippines came under rebel attack last week, with insurgents seizing and occupying several neighborhoods.
The southern Philippines is home to a long-running rebellion in the name of self-rule for the Moro people. Resistance to outside control of the southern Philippines goes back at least to the Moro Rebellion against U.S. Two weekends ago, unarmed MNLF members began arriving in the city of Zamboanga, outside the boundaries of the ARMM, for a planned demonstration against the Philippine government. The situation has since escalated into a drawn-out standoff, with the army reluctant to charge into the rebel-controlled areas for fear of harming civilians, who the rebels have taken hostage as human shields.
Rebel control of these few neighborhoods might technically be considered the birth of the Bangsamoro Republik as a real breakaway state.
However, it seems unlikely the standoff will develop into any kind of long-term occupation under a rebel administration. Kiram's position on the Bangsamoro Republik is that the breakaway state has no claim to Sabah, but that its declaration of independence is otherwise valid - however, he won't support the creation of the state by military force.
Last week two additional battles began in Basilan province, an island located just across a narrow strait from Zamboanga. Also last week, a separate attack was carried out in Cotabato province by the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), another rebel group with no direct relation to the declared Bangsamoro Republik.
This is a 3-part series recounting my experiences, observations and reflections when I visited Sulu last April 13-15 2012 during my 100 Days Journey around the Philippines. The stigma and fear that the media painted is too chaotic- bombing, kidnapping, terrorism, etc.
Gael aka The Pinay Solo Backpacker who tagged along in this trip was uneasy and always cursing me since the morning (She wore a Muslim head scarf as a sign of respect to Muslim culture and dress code. I was breathing heavily, trying to tell myself that everything will be alright. I was reciting verses from Psalm 121 and 23.

This is part 1 of a 3-part series recounting my experiences, observations and reflections when I visited Sulu last April 13-15 2012 (Days 73-75) during my 100 Days Journey around the Philippines.
This entry was posted in 100 Days, Mindanao, Philippines, Travel Series and tagged Bangsamoro, Jolo Blog, Jolo Sulu, Jolo Sulu Bangsamoro, Jolo Sulu Blog, Jolo Sulu Travel Blog, Jolo Travel Blog. The law, which needed Congress’ nod, would implement the recently signed Bangsamoro deal that ended the decades-long secessionist movement of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards. Because the fighters are from a rebel group that declared independence in August, their newfound territorial control might technically be considered the birth of a new breakaway state.
The Moros are distinguished from other ethnic groups in the Philippines by their history as subjects of the Muslim kingdoms called sultanates, which ruled the southwestern islands until the late 1800s.
But when armed fighters started landing in boats that Sunday night and Monday morning, allegedly with plans to raise the Bangsamoro flag in the city's main square, they were engaged by the national military.
The republic still isn't recognized by any other countries, but since it now has both a declaration of independence and a territory under the control of its forces, it may qualify as a de facto sovereign state like Somaliland or Transnistria. Sabah was historically part of the Sultanate of Sulu, a Muslim kingdom based in the southwestern Philippines, and earlier this year was the scene of clashes with rebel forces claiming to represent the sultanate's surviving royal family. Meanwhile, Nur Misuari's legal counsel has been quoted saying that even the neighboring Malaysian state of Sarawak is claimed by the Bangsamoro Republik. The attackers are also Moro fighters, but their actions are apparently not connected to the siege of Zamboanga - they might just be taking advantage of the distraction.
Unlike the Bansamoro Republik's MNLF rebels, both Abu Sayyaf and BIFF want to implement Islamic law  in the Moro homeland.
As the President of the Philippines and MILF Chair signed the Bangsamoro Framework agreement and shook each other’s hand to signify the start of peace among brothers and sister, I write about my experiences while I was journeying through the Sulu Archipelago, particularly in Jolo. I also added some commentary enclosed with parentheses (), for the reader to better understand the situation. I was able to sleep, but I get up every hour (I was aboard a ferry from Zamboanga City to Jolo, Sulu wearing a Takiya or that cap they wear inside the mosque). She was smiling here but she was really terrified deep inside; to the point of backing out the last minute when I told her that my contacts in Jolo are from the Moro National Liberation Front, MNLF).
Somehow it takes me back to 2006 when I visited Camp Abubakr in Maguindanao for a news bit. After 20 years of fighting between the MNLF and the Philippine government, an agreement created the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), and in 1996 the MNLF declared an end to the war.
The MNLF fighters, said to be from Misuari's pro-independence faction, soon claimed to have seized seven neighborhoods of Zamboanga City from the government (though official statements put the number at only six).

By Sunday, the government claimed the rebels only remained in two neighborhoods, though fighting reportedly continued in at least three.
In fact, Wikipedia editors have already added it to the encyclopedia's list of sovereign states. As expected, leaders of MNLF factions other than Misuari's, including the government of the ARMM, have condemned or distanced themselves from the attacks. Jamalul Kiram III, the leading contender for the throne of Sulu, argues that Sabah was only rented to Malaysia, and should still belong to his kingdom (and by extension to the Philippines). But this claim has not been confirmed by Misuari himself, and appears not to be supported by information on the MNLF's website.
Though some of the militants attacking Basilan's Lamitan City are said to be members of the MNLF, most of them appear to be from Abu Sayyaf, a more extreme group known for its attacks on civilians and ties to international terrorist organization Al Qaeda. Of course we all know that you got out there alive and kicking but we’re interested to know what transpired in your trip. To say that I threw up my heart and swallowed it right back up would be a fitting description of what I felt then. After that, a Moro-led insurgency continued, but at the hands of another group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). On Monday the government announced that it had taken back 70% of the area the rebels controlled a week before. But more surprising are claims by the mayor of Zamboanga City that Misuari himself, who led the declaration of independence, has denied sanctioning the attacks. The Department of Tourism Region 9 was discouraging me to visit this island province in their e-mail (I was asking if they can refer me to a guide in Jolo). However, by Tuesday evening the story had changed, and officials were again acknowledging rebel control in pockets of five or six neighborhoods. Whether this is correct remains to be seen; other Philippine government and military figures continue to believe that Misuari is responsible.
The leader of the rebel forces on the ground is Habier Malik, an MNLF commander with close ties to Misuari.

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