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In Thailand there is one word that encompasses all of the joys good food, good friends and good atmosphere offer. Email Your email address will NOT be shared with anyone including the restaurant management. Would you like to receive information about upcoming events and promotions from Santa Monica restaurants? The Thai dishes are westernized, evidenced by menu listings for Thai Spicy soup (tom yam) and Thai Coconut soup (tom kah).

Enjoying the wonderful tastes and experiencing the beauty of truly good food is one of our life passions.
The rice noodles are submerged in a savory pork broth with pork, bean sprouts and other vegetables. The dish is also prepared with beef, chicken or shrimp but I never waiver from pork broth.When I need a more medicinal meal, I choose tom yam, a hot-and-sour soup.
Bangkok's West version comes with red onion, lettuce, cucumber and tomato in a spicy lime dressing.

Frozen potstickers are a poor substitute for guotie, pan-fried jiaozi (Chinese dumplings filled with a mix of meat and vegetable fillings that almost always include garlic, chives and cabbage).

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