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Ever since she first hit the runway, Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen has been an international symbol of beauty. Gisele's beachy blonde waves perfectly accent her winged liner and hot pink lips at a 2002 fashion show in Brazil. Gisele's neutral eye shadow and glossy lips allowed her natural beauty to shine at an appearance on TRL in 2006. With arched brows, red lips, and a penciled-in beauty mark, Gisele commanded the runway at Dior's 60th anniversary show in Paris. At the 2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Giselee wowed the crowd with big, bouncing curls and lots of volume.
At the Met Gala just one year later, Gisele stunned with a slicked-back style and dangly earrings with then-boyfriend Tom Brady. Gisele had a pretty ponytail and bright eyes on the red carpet for AFI's Lifetime Achievement Awards in 2011. With seriously chic ombre hair, Gisele walked in designer Alexander Wang's Fall 2012 show at New York Fashion Week. A young girl claps as she watches colliery bands pass by on July 11, 2015 in Durham, England. To protect sensitive children in other ways, hugging has also been reportedly banned in some Australian schools. St Patricks Primary School in Geelong, Victoria, asked students to give a high five or clink knuckles to show affection rather than to hug. The children would not be punished for hugging, according to the principal, only reminded that there are other ways to show affection.

Maybe, but it turns out that the new non-GMO Grape Nuts will no longer contain vitamins A, D, B12 or riboflavin, and the amount of riboflavin in a serving of Cheerios decreased from 25% of the daily recommended value (DV) to 2% of the DV. I’ve never been one to claim that throwing a few vitamins into a serving of cereal turns it into a nutrition powerhouse, but the decreased vitamin content of the new non-GMO cereals does raise a few questions.
The cereal manufacturers were mum when asked these questions, so we will need to rely on some scientific sleuthing and a bit of intuition to get the answers.
I first discussed this topic a few months ago in a “Health Tips From The Professor” article titled “When is GMO Non-GMO?” I received a lot of irate comments from people who take every word on the non-GMO websites and videos as the gospel truth. If the proposed Non-GMO labeling laws stopped there, they would be scientifically justified. The intentions of the proposed non-GMO labeling laws are good, but whenever you go beyond what good science supports there are often unintended consequences – such as the vitamin-depleted non-GMO cereals that the food manufacturers have just announced.
To understand the answer to that question, let’s look at what probably happened to the vitamins in the non-GMO cereals. In today’s world many vitamins are purified from genetically modified microorganisms – bacteria & yeast that have been modified to overproduce certain vitamins.
Even though they are scientifically flawed, the proposed non-GMO labeling laws will probably become the law in several states in the near future.
Currently, there simply aren’t enough non-GMO vitamins available to supply the mass market - even if price were no concern. However, most people feel that American ingenuity and the law of supply and demand will eventually result in a bigger supply of reasonable priced non-GMO vitamins.
The Victoria's Secret model turned 33 yesterday, so let's take a look back at some of her most gorgeous and glamorous moments.

General Foods followed suit by announcing that their Original Cheerios will also be non-GMO. But they go one step further by requiring that processed foods labeled as non-GMO cannot contain any ingredient obtained from a GM source. They don’t contain any dangerous genes that could wreak havoc if they escaped from the food processing plants. It substantially lowers the cost of vitamins and allows them to be used in the mass market – for example, in popular breakfast cereals.
So, in the short term, many non-GMO processed foods are likely to be less nutritious than the foods they will replace – as we just saw with Grape Nuts and Cheerios. When that happens non-GMO processed foods will be just as nutritious as the older GM versions.
Purified vitamins from GM and non-GM microorganisms are chemically and biologically indistinguishable.
Furthermore, the GM microorganisms used to produce the vitamins pose no environmental or health risks.

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