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Miessence have created the world’s first comprehensive range of certified organic cleaning products. Their organic cleaning products are naturally free from artificial & harmful chemicals. Unfortunately these anti-bacterial products contain a dangerous chemical called triclosan which is seriously NASTY!
The Miessence range of organic cleaning products are completely chemical free (you can drink it) and actually CONTAIN GOOD BACTERIA! Most supermarket brand cleaning products are FULL of toxic chemicals which can harm people as well as the environment. Of course our environment also suffers from these chemical products – ending up in waterways and into the soil. There are much better and safer natural ways to keep your home clean, which is why Miessence created their impressive range of organic cleaning products. BioPure is highly concentrated and it’s very important you dilute it with water first. Tea tree oil is highly antimicrobial and antiseptic for cleaning most types of bathroom mould, as is vinegar.
Look how excited Narelle Chenery – the creator of the organic cleaning product Bio Pure is about it in the video below.
CLICK HERE AND INVEST IN MIESSENCE BIO PURE AND ANY OTHER MIESSENCE PRODUCTS NOW TO SAVE UP TO 40% OFF! Non organic cleaning products contain harmful surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate, and most people don’t realise how dangerous these types of chemicals are. This dishwashing organic cleaning product still has a little bit of foam and is based on renewable raw materials and green chemistry principles. The surfactants (what creates the foaming experience) in this organic cleaning product are sugar-based!
CLICK HERE AND INVEST IN MIESSENCE DISHWASHING CONCENTRATE AND ANY OTHER MIESSENCE PRODUCTS NOW TO SAVE UP TO 40% OFF! Miessence Rainforest Air Freshener is certified by Australian Certified Organic which means it is certified to FOOD standards. CLICK HERE AND INVEST IN MIESSENCE RAINFOREST AIR FRESHENER AND ANY OTHER MIESSENCE PRODUCTS NOW TO SAVE UP TO 40% OFF! You can now stop using horrible aerosol sprays full of chemicals to repel bugs and other annoying critters. Tea Tree, Citronella and Lemon-Scented Tea Tree give an effective totally NATURAL repellent similar to India’s Neem tree.
Miessence Bushflower Body Spray is also certified by Australian Certified Organic to FOOD standards. CLICK HERE AND INVEST IN MIESSENCE BUSHFLOWER BODY SPRAY AND ANY OTHER MIESSENCE PRODUCTS NOW TO SAVE UP TO 40% OFF! Combine your organic cleaning products from Miessence with these natural ingredients for some unstoppable organic cleaning power! As you probably now believe keeping your home clean without hazardous chemicals is totally achievable – particularly with this great range of Miessence organic cleaning products. Purifying, environmentally friendly essential oils, beneficial bacteria and ultra-mild ecological cleaners will make light work of your everyday cleaning chores.
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Disclaimer- This blog is based on my own personal opinions and research which I am sharing for educational and informational purposes only. I get asked a million questions when I tell other women I only use all natural make-up products. Now there is no excuse for poor performing natural products and you can expect much the same high quality standard from them as you can expect from any department store brand. Lipsticks have been a big surprise for me, they actually last just as well as any commercial product I’ve used. Australian Certified Organic (ACO) is Australiays largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce and has over 1500 operators within its certification system. Even though there is generally an increased cost involved, many people choose to buy certified organic food, skin care and household products over conventional brands for health, environmental and ethical reasons.
Many believe that organic food not only tastes better but is better for you because it is rich in nutrients due to the reduced exposure to pesticides, antibiotics and other synthetic chemicals.
The Organic Standard has strict regulations for organic certification that ensures healthy soil, nutritious crops, animal welfare and sustainable farming practices.
Then there is the issue of genetic modification and the environmental and economic concern of such methods (as well as the possibility of unknown health consequences). We know the benefits of choosing organic produce but where is the best place in Adelaide to buy it? I have a few favourites that I'd like to share with you and I'd love to hear your thoughts also.

The staff at Moana Natural Health & Organics on Griffiths Drive at Moana are always eager to offer advice and are able to order in anything that they may not have.
For fresh fruit and vegetables straight from the farm, the Willunga Farmers Market is the place to go. The great thing about The Organik Store on Broadway at Glenelg is that it is a grocery store and a cafe so you can do your shopping and then recuperate with a sandwich and smoothie (or something similar).
For a one stop shop you can't go past Romeo's Organic Wholefoods on O'Connell Street at North Adelaide. If you live in the Hills, The Organic Market at Stirling is the place to go for shopping, or to enjoy the excellent cafe.
The Beach Road Marketplace is now open every Thursday, Friday & Saturday offering a great selection of Certified Organic produce at affordable prices.
For organic shopping in Adelaide, Affordable Organics in Magill stock a great range of Organic goods including Fruit & Veg , Meat and Fish. For Organic skin care I use the Eminence Organic Skin Care Range, Its only stockists in Adelaide is Eclipse Body Centre. The Organic Corner Store is a wonderful, wonderful organic market that is on every thursday at Glenelg North (moved from Somerton Park) and on Saturdays at Bellevue Heights.
I made a decision in 1994 to 'eat less and buy organic', and I've been shopping at Wilson's ever since. The Organic & Sustainable Market at Henley Beach Primary School every Saturday rain or shine!! The People's Market at West Lakes Shore has increasing range of certified organic packaged goods and produce like Kym's Apples from Forest Range as well as chemical free produce e.g.
WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. Our organic avocados received the Vogue Entertainment&Travel Highly Commended Award 2007 in the category from the earth. You can buy Farrell's Avocados from specialist fruit and vegetable retailers in many parts of Australia. Contact us via phone, e-mail or use the order form for avocados or the order form for meat (Word doc-file - save it to your pc) and fax it back to us. Because it is fresh produce there are some specifications about what can be ordered online.
We now have anti-bacterial soaps, anti-bacterial handwash, anti-bacterial gloves and anti-bacterial you name it! Unlike other non organic cleaning products these actually work with nature rather than against it.
Many children have become sick and even died from drinking bleach and other harmful chemicals. The idea that we are creating a healthy and clean home with these non organic cleaning products is completely the opposite. You only need 2 capfuls with 500ml of water and it’s important to use this within 30 days.
You can then follow up with regular applications of vanilla smelling BioPure to stay on top of the problem for good. A third party organic certification such as this is important to ensure it truly is organic.
It’s not designed to have a lot of soap but don’t worry it still cleans just as well! This beautifully citrus smelling formula is an environmentally friendly non-aerosol pump spray.
This potent combination of pure essential oils and organic herbal extracts also smells lovely. I used to love Maybelliene mascaras as they worked so well and gave me such big fat lashes (not to mention they are dirt cheap).
I will admit, I resisted this for quite some time and was pretty wary about giving up effective mascaras because I too thought the natural stuff wouldn’t cut it.
In order for a product to receive certified organic accreditation, it must meet strict guidelines from a national or international governing body.
ACO is a fully-owned subsidiary of Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA)ACO provides certification services to operators from all sectors of the organic industry. Choosing certified organic goods means keeping potentially harmful toxins away from our precious environment and in turn, out of our bodies.
Though chances are they will have what you are after as they stock a large range of organic food, skin care, cosmetics and household products.
Held at the Willunga Town Square every Saturday from 8am-12.30pm, it is best to arrive early on as it does get busy and you don't want to miss out on anything. Fresh or frozen, cleaning or cosmetics, whatever you need you will find at Romeo's and with a reasonable price tag.
There is also a variety of Health & Wellbeing stallholders: aromatherapy soy candles, himalayan salt lamps, essential oils, soaps, herbal remedies and more. The products vary from the Chocolate Mousse mask to Cinnamon Paprika Cellulite Cream everything natural even to its biodegradable packaging!

It has the freshest and most comprehensive range of organic fruit and veg including unusual fruits grown locally and delivered direct to the shop. There's a great range of stalls, but to really enjoy the benefit and make everyday organic eating a possibility for the family, join the fruit & veg co-op to pick up a weekly bag of fresh seasonal organic fruit & veg.
I used to check out the three organic stalls in the Central Market, and Wilsons were pretty consistently cheaper and better quality.
Or you will be able to purchase them by visiting us at "our farm gate" in Pemberton during the avocado season. Considering that we ourselves are 90% bacteria and we need bacteria to survive, it seems strange that we are convinced we need to destroy it. It’s a hormone disruptor (mucks up our hormones) and is highly toxic to aquatic life.
Non organic cleaning products that are ammonia-based release toxic fumes and petroleum-based products can hurt the eyes and the skin. It contains powerful probiotic bacteria, antioxidants and enzymes that work extremely well and I personally would say better than other chemical cleaning products.
If you’re not someone who cleans very regularly, simply dilute 1 capful of the concentrate in 250ml of water and again make sure you use it within 30 days. Yes – it is possible to safely repel annoying bugs WITHOUT harming you, the environment or the bugs!
I couldn’t find the exact number of colours because they keep adding to the collection. It’s important to note that, while very stringent rules apply, there is no one overriding accrediting body so all standards differ. It is comforting to know that the Willunga Farmers Market promotes sustainable food production practices in the Fleurieu region and pleasing to be able to chat with the producers themselves about the food you are purchasing. The enthusiastic staff are well informed and will gladly answer any questions you may have. It stocks an impressive range of quality organic and alternative food choices plus Australian owned products. You can use BioPure as an all purpose household cleaner, for kitchen surfaces, floors, mildew areas, mould and bathrooms. I think when natural, organic makeup first came onto the market it was pretty crappy (somewhat like early fake tans and their orange hues), but as demand has grown so has the R&D that goes into these products.
Something about a specially formulated blend of toxic chemicals that seems to put some peoples mind at ease… Hmmmm. This in itself was pretty annoying, but as I wear contact lenses occasionally little specks would end up in my eyes or behind my contact (yuck!). According to ACO, for a product to be able to call itself certified organic, it must contain at least 95% organic content. The store is open every day of the week and even has a weight loss and naturopathic clinic.
I've never checked out any of the stores in your roundup, because they are not on my bus route! Wilson's is located on Market St, which is just off Gouger st opposite the Central Markets. BioPure is literally living good bacteria which regenerates and repopulates with other good bacteria so it can beat the harmful bacteria which causes disease and can be harmful. So not only would I need to reapply at the end of the day, but I would have crappy mascara flakes on my face or who knows what in my eyes. They do last all day (obviously some brands are better), but they never flake off, crust up or sting my eyes.
Again the formula should be free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, genetic modification and petroleum derivatives. Cleaning with chemicals really is now a thing of the past with BioPure, as the benefits of using this concentrate CONTINUE to keep working after you have applied it. When you use BioPure consistently, it stops bad bacteria coming back all together giving you a lovely healthy and clean home. It carries with it the ability to market organic produce on both domestic and international markets with confidence and market advantage.The logo is well recognised both in Australia, and now in increasingly key areas such as Asia, Europe and the US. Also, there’s a tonne of variety in brush shapes and styles so you can still find one to suit you. These are just some of the many, many possibilities natural makeup manufacturers have before them.
Personally, I love a smaller wand but I’ve used and seen plenty of fat bushy ones in the market too.

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