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Bolidt announced today that well-known creative forces at Tillberg Design and SMC Design have selected the company to supply flooring for Norwegian Cruise Line’s (Norwegian) newest ship, Norwegian Breakaway.
Bolidt, known as the deck and flooring specialists, is supplying 16,500m2 of surfacing for Norwegian Breakaway, including Bolideck® 525, a seamlessly applied, skid resistant and shock absorbing deck covering system, or Bolideck® Future Teak.
Anders Lund Rasmussen, Tillberg Design Senior Architect, Project Manager, says that Norwegian requested a soothing colour scheme for much of Norwegian Breakaway’s outside area on decks 16 and above.
Mr Rasmussen says that these shades contrast with the vivid tones selected for child-play areas, such as water slides. The 4,000 passenger, 144,000 gt ship is set for delivery in April 2013 and is the first of a new series of luxury cruise vessels ordered by Norwegian Cruise Line from Meyer Werft, Papenburg. About gCaptaingCaptain is the top-visited maritime and offshore industry news site in the world.
The Shard is the tallest building in the European Union, and the second-tallest free-standing structure in the United Kingdom. On this 31st floor, the restaurant is surrounded by tall unobstructed glass window panels, offering splendid views all over Central London. In this trip, we manage to had a table close to the window where we can catch the night view over River Thames while enjoying the spread of good food from Aqua Shard.
This new British restaurant offers dining options for both a relaxed afternoon tea or even a serious business dinner with associates.
Dishes feature carefully-selected fine British produce and combine the staple ingredients of British cooking with innovative techniques.
The contemporary cosmopolitan interior has distinctly British touches; gin and tea, both with strong roots in this part of London, have inspired the design along with Liberty fabrics which appear in subtle touches throughout the restaurant, complementing the dark oak floor. Though the area can seat 50+ tables, it is highly recommended to make prior reservation especially during peak periods. Contemporary British cuisine in a venue that’s tasteful, elegant and soaring above a gorgeous view. The menu is modern, refined and filled with restrained classics such as grilled rainbow trout, confit duck and a marvellous 12 oz Angus sirloin on the bone with old-world celeriac, cress and wine. Other fixed menus range anywhere from ?20 to 60 and include thoughtful combinations of the kitchen’s best performers. Sign up to our newsletter to get trusted reviews by foodies and other bloggers about local places around you! But, while you’d be right about it being superbly good for you (seaweed is rich in vitamins as well as a great source of iodine and alginates, and research has proven it to aid weight loss and help combat obesity), you would most certainly be wrong about the fine dining part. I enter the beautiful Kyoto restaurant on a Tuesday evening, when dusk is falling in Regent Street, and the lights are blinking on. Kyoto has that lovely atmosphere where one can tell everyone else is happy to be there, too.

There are three options for the starter, including Mackerel & Sea Bass Kombu Jime Oshi Sushi, and a very pretty salmon dish decorated with roe and edible flowers which my partner attempts to eat as I lean over him snapping pictures for Instagram (it gets a record number of ‘Likes’ FYI).
So, what could possibly finish this menu that incorporates seaweed and lives up to the sensational previous courses? And yet when the meal is over, there is no sense that I haven’t eaten enough – no feeling that my palate or my stomach have somehow been deprived. If I could eat like this every day I would – and my body would benefit from it (not what you can say about most restaurant set menus!). Rebecca Anne Milford Lioneye Media lionesses, Sophia and Rebecca, can tweet with one hand whist sipping an espresso martini with the other. He says the relaxing tones offer subtlety in leisure areas typically characterised by bustling activity. Built out of 73 blocks, Norwegian Breakaway will be followed into service by sistership Norwegian Getaway in January 2014. With a height of 306 metres (1,004 ft), with eighty-seven stories, one can easily imagine the exhilarating experience of heading up to the 31st floor in the super fast express lift.
The restaurant is open all day offering breakfast, lunch, weekend brunch, afternoon tea and dinner. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
The Atrium bar allows you to soak up the atmosphere without making a reservation, but if you plan on a full dinner experience, book early to get seated close to the spellbinding skyline. Boasting a set-menu format which is surprisingly good value for money, you could opt for the decadence of a croissant, full English breakfast with Cumberland sausage and black pudding, tea or coffee and the tantalising option to partake in a “breakfast elixir”. The staff encourage a bit-of-everything dining and have a chock-full sampling menu, making Aqua Shard a wonderful place to bring a big family or a good venue for an end of year work event.
Bespoke floor-to-ceiling windows and high end brand names will cement the Aqua chain as luxury living at its finest. It generally fits more into the nourishment category of ‘extreme health kick’ along with the equally salubrious kale and spinach than it does in ‘delicious fine dining’. He’s master of the menu – a maestro of meals, transforming ingredients into plates so beautiful one feels bad eating them, and so tasty it’s impossible not to. So, for a limited time only (until November 28th – so get moving!) you can enjoy it too.
The foyer of the old Dickens and Jones department store is dark as a cave, and I whizz up to Kyoto – a red and gold bedecked room of theatrical oriental glamour, with a central sushi bar crowned by some huge ornamental lantern (I think) that wouldn’t look out of place in the Forbidden City. City slickers, shopping trippers, couples on dates and large groups of mates – all of the various groups combine to give the place an air of relaxed informality in a superior setting. I choose the Wild Seaweed & Sea Vegetable Salad with Black Sesame Dressing, feeling that I may as well dive in (ho ho) with a plate full of the good stuff.

The latter is an autumnal stew using thin slivers of beef, accompanied by shreds of seaweed and little ocean-pearls of baby onions, all swimming in a rich sauce –  my partner digs in with gusto as I appreciate the beauty of my Kabayaki of Grilled Cod with Hijki Ni Seaweed.
Well, believe it or not, a fine counterbalance for the ingredient is the sweetness of white chocolate.
But alas, this particular seafood extravaganza is only around for another few weeks, until November 28th – and for the ridiculously inexpensive price of ?29 you’d be mad not to try it.
Dedicated food, wine and cocktail connoisseurs, they love nothing better than scoping out London for its best bars and restaurants. Pick from a variety of brunch cocktails: the “Shard Breakfast Martini” is lovingly concocted from rhubarb liqueur, rhubarb and bay leaf compote, Tanqueray and shot of lemon juice to brighten things up. It sits on my plate surrounded by vivid green spots of sauce, another little heap of seaweed, and a dark, sticky coating that looks like treacle. We indulge in a Nori-Infused White Chocolate Parfait with Anori Panko Nougatine and Berries – the berries adding a much needed sharpness to balance the dish out. There have been some meals (woefully recently, I’m sure) where just getting through dessert has been some sort of herculean challenge; where success is perversely measured on just how tight my waistband is. Fear not though, because Paul Greening is a chef with many exciting concepts up his sleeve, and I for one can’t wait to see what the next idea is. I must say all those dishes are simply fantastic and clearly the fine chef leave no room to err on both the quality and presentation of the dishes. Growing up near the coast, with a father who was a marine biologist, he got to know the ocean. Refreshing, palate cleansing, and with the unstoppable combination of elderflower and gin to balance the wakame, I can definitely feel the health benefits, and so am not surprised when it is finished in a rather short amount of time (I’m just a fitness freak, I guess). I close my eyes, try a mouthful and pow – I’m standing on some pebble beach, the sky steely grey and the cries of gulls overhead. Add to that a love of foraging, sustainability, and the firm belief that we can be good to our bodies while also enjoying food, and you have a clear recipe for his success.
Proper enjoyment is finishing a menu like the one at Kyoto and knowing not only have you eaten food prepared by a chef that knows his sea-onions, has masterfully combined them on a plate, but has also presented food that is good for the body. The textures are super – there are a plethora of varieties, some chewy, some slightly rubbery, some crisp and sticking up like masts of abandoned ships.

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