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Other ingredients: Vegetable capsule (HPMC, water),microcrystalline cellulose, and l-leucine. Directions:  Three (3) capsules of Amylase along with three (3) capsules of Digestive immediately before each meal, or as directed by a healthcare professional.
Lipases are another useful class of enzymes that can be used to dissolve fat stains and clean grease traps or other fat-based cleaning applications.  Nutritional enzymes have risen to prominence during the past several years, driven by customers that would like to improve their digestive health. The BioLumix system is designed to accelerate product release with a simplified, automated approach. The biggest category for supplemental enzymes is still human digestion, an area that has become increasingly more important for maintaining optimum health.

One way is by allowing the product to sit in solution and give it time to breakdown, and another way it to warm the product in a water bath or an incubator. Supplementation of single enzymes, such as lactose to treat lactose intolerance, is probably the most familiar area of enzyme use.
However, general dietary supplementation with a broad range of digestive enzymes is becoming increasingly more common.
Liquid products allow a direct sample to be pipetted directly into the vial, while solid samples require a dilution step first. Also these assays are simpler to perform than the standard methods saving time, labor and money.

The active component of herbs and other botanicals can remain trapped within the cell wall matrix or may be in a form that is not easily broken down and absorbed. The system is unaffected by product interference, delivering accurate results with faster product release.  When referring to batches of product that will be released days early due to the BioLumix system, which allows the storage and production less time to run and hastens the turnaround time of the product, the overall process of enzyme production will decrease.
Select enzymes are added to these products to break open certain bonds to free the bioactive compounds.  The application of enzymes technology to pharmaceutical products is also a growing field.

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