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These fast food items are from all around the world but aren’t available in the United States. The Itzbeen baby care timer and Days Ago timer would sfplmiiy our lives greatly!!I also signed your guestbook. Last week we kick started our world food series with Europe – the native home of the humble olive and the inspiration behind so many cuisines around the World. Travel from the South West to the North East and you’ll stumble across another Mediterranean cuisine, this time from Italy. For media queries, please contact our PR agency, The Black Eye Project, on 0114 213 2006, and ask for either Kirsten or Hayley.

I don't know if they had it in KFC in Macau (former Portuguese colony), but I think KFC closedhere.
With so many Americans originating from Europe, we’ve decided to take a look at how European cuisine has influenced food trends across the pond!
In the South, the sweet spices of Mexico have made their way over the border to create American nacho, taco and burrito dishes. Italian-American’s dishes are made using recipes passed down through generations, adapted to be a little heartier to suit the colder climate.
Our Hot Guindillas peppers could well be used to replicate these, adding both heat and flavour.

We all know how much the Italians love their olives – here you’ll find them stirred into a rich pasta sauce or as the topping for a deep pan pizza. Head to South California and you could easily mistake some of the dishes for those found in Spain, thanks to warm temperatures enabling tomatoes, peppers and even olives to grow easily.
A popular dish here is a Mediterranean inspired salad dish, topped with ingredients including olives and pimiento piquillo peppers.

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