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The intrinsic sweetness in baked beans and brown ales make them perfect picnic-table partners. Let’s face it: despite the amazing cuisine that Spain has to offer, as an American, sooner or later — and maybe sooner than you think — you’ll find yourself craving some of the flavors from back home.
The most well-known American store in Madrid, Taste of America opened its doors fifteen years ago on Calle Serrano, 149.
Originally a German supermarket, Lidl now possesses over ten thousand stores and is present in twenty-six European countries. Thick, juicy burgers, crunchy fried chicken, and gooey chocolate fudge cake – even on a good day, we have a hard time saying no (not that we’d ever want to). But if you’re serious about a night in with top-quality American treats, then you’ve got to do it right.
To open, we’ve given you two options. The first is succulent pieces of chicken, coated in batter, and then blasted in a deep frier. The result?
As you savor the last few bites, notice how nicely the pie crust melds with the wheat and oats used to soften the witbier’s profile.
If you like sauerkraut, pick up the most vibrant amber you can find, but if you like your dog plain, choose a more balanced version. Here, hops show up quickly but dissipate just as swiftly, leaving a fresh grain presence that melds seamlessly with fried taters. It’s true that initially you’ll be more than happy to try anything and everything that comes your way — from cocido madrileno to oreja a la plancha, from morcilla iberica to callos. Nowadays it has grown to nineteen locations — and not only in Madrid, but also in Barcelona and Valencia.

Whether or not this is the case, you’ve most certainly noticed the craze that has taken America in the last few years.
An economical establishment, here you can get high-quality, no-name products at an excellent price. Keep in mind that with each passing day — whether the locals admit it not — American food is becoming more and more popular and many grocery stores are beginning to carry more American products. Throughout the summer, we’ll be serving some amazing food at festivals around the country.
Of course, being in a foreign country and trying all the local gastronomy is one of the best parts of being abroad, and especially in Spain, a country which is renowned for its quality cooking. They offer a wide variety of products and are the exclusive distributor for several brands including Pepperidge Farm and Newman’s Own.
Although always a part of our culture, it seems that baking — and cupcakes especially — has made a comeback.
Due to its origins, the best products are by far those you would expect to be outstanding: milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, chocolate, and beer. Once you get in town, take a look around — you may be surprised at what you can find and where you find it!
Eventually, however, your taste buds will feel the need for something familiar, and even more so, your heart. It may be true that among Americans, cooking is becoming somewhat of a lost art, but the science that is baking is more popular than ever! In the same line, Lidl sells quite a few American-style products, but of course, good-quality, unknown brands at a low price.

The next is a thick, juicy beef patty, covered in big chunks of cheddar and topped with a couple rashers of delicious bacon. It’s battle of the grown-up fried foods – crispy onion rings and thick, fluffy potato wedges. So, before you get desperate at the thought of going months or even years without drinking Dr. If you’re going to be on a budget while here in Spain, this is the place to go to get items such as peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies, barbecue-flavor potato chips, and so on. Pepper or chewing on some Big Red, here are some stores that can cure your cravings whenever they finally hit you. What’s more is you probably won’t have to go out of your way to get them either, as Lidl has so many locations throughout Madrid. If this is the case, Taste of America is definitely your one-stop shop for all American product needs.
Just about anything edible that you miss from home can be found here — just make sure you’re willing to pay for it! Started in 2003 as The American Store, and at the time exclusively an American supermarket, the business has recently shifted its focus to baking. Having received distributing rights for Wilton, La Tienda Americana not only sells products, but also has set up a school where they offer classes on how to bake.

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