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Steeled with this defensive attitude, I sashayed into the Asian Noodle Bar yesterday with visiting sister for a late lunch. Mimy, the delightful young Laos-born owner, came to the table sensing my hesitation, and we talked about the differences between her Singapore Curry and my stir-fried Grail.
Visiting sister had Pad Thai, and declared it to be the best that she has ever had anywhere, and she’s been around the block more than a few times.
The versions at Double Dragon and China Best are every bit as good as that at Noodle King in Maryland. Frank has devoted his life to creating delicious New Mexican food that provides an authentic glimpse into the unique culture of New Mexico. For this visit, I had prepared myself with an extensive Google search for Singapore Noodles Albuquerque.

She convinced me to try her version, and even offered to toss in some extra chicken and extra basil. The aroma was exquisite, and the first spoonful exploded in my mouth with a perfect blend of all the tastes that I had expected — and more.
Frank prepares his menu using traditional recipes passed through his family for generations. This was NOT my beloved stir-fried noodle dish, but an equally excellent soup that Mimy had invented for her restaurant. Whether you stop by one of our family-owned restaurants or enjoy our catering services, you’ll eat authentic comida de la casa created by our owner and head chef, Frank Barela, Sr.. Frank’s recipe calls for soaking chile pods in spices before blending and straining them to achieve a satiny texture that is smooth and creamy.

Whether you need wedding catering or catering for your next dinner party, you can count on our team to create fresh food served with passion and panache. At Cocina Azul, you’ll enjoy a truly authentic taste of New Mexico and leave our restaurant with a full belly and a happy heart.

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