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Purified water, organic vodka, organic brown sugar, organic sweet orange oil, organic geranium oil, organic green tea, organic sage herb, organic thyme herb, organic bergamot oil, organic olive oil, organic rose hip oil.
Summer in Philly means weekends full of beer and weeknights full of happy hours, but with the season coming to and end, it’s time to reset. Erika Ianoale, juicologist and self-described health nut, honors her body with her organic cold-pressed juice collection and plant-based diet. Animo Juice pairs fresh juices with soups, salads, and burritos for a deliciously unique one-stop shop. With a bevvy of personalized options to choose from for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this Rittenhouse café also specializes in fresh juices.
Brave health enthusiasts use the Ultra Lithe Cleanse ($75 per day) to rest the body with plant-based and raw drinks like the Lithe Coco-Rose Water and Spirit Lemonade. Wheatgrass shots and green drinks aren’t the only options available at this city favorite. The Wayne location features only organic, gluten-free, vegan, and raw products that will leave customers feeling healthier after just one sip.
Dedicated to improving your quality of life with plant-based diet options, Gangster Vegan Organics has a robust juice menu including detoxifying, earth, and alkalize juices. The perfect way for amateur juicers to jump-start a healthy-eating regimen, the two-day cleanses here promise to rehydrate, detoxify, and rejuvenate your system. From left to right: Jilly Middleton and partner Kris Tysonwith their daughter Georgia, at Huon Choice Organic Blueberries in Tasmania.
From left to right: Stewart Seesink, son Lee and Bee Winfield at Merri Bee Organic Farm in Western Australia. We caught up with farmers and their families from six very different farms across Australia, all with one thing in common – they believe in the power of farming sustainably and with our future in mind.
Ian: “We’ve had Barambah for 10 years – we sent out our first bottle of milk in March 2002.
A lot of other brands of milk put things like permeate in the milk, homogenise it, and we don’t do anything like that; ours is like it is straight out of a cow. We’ve got five people working on the farm and 26 people working in the factory in Brisbane. January last year we got wiped out by the floods at the farm and the factory, a double whammy, and it was a hard 12 months coming back, but we’re back.
Cath: “We have an eight acre farm in Catherine Fields, this is our fifth year on it producing vegetables and herbs. Hapi grew up as a farmer in Tonga so he’s farmed for a lot of his life, and I work as a graphic designer and always had an interest in food. One of the biggest problems that we experience here is being able to get people to work on our farm.
He bought this place roughly 20 years ago, and it’s been certified organic for around 17 years. The blueberries are only about one acre, but the property is 112 acres, so there’s quite a bit of bush and pasture. The bulk of our blueberries go to a Sydney wholesaler, Eco Farms, and of the remainder, a little bit goes to a few local shops. At this point we’re certainly going to remain certified until it looks like we can make enough profit through more diverse lines locally.

Creamy Polenta With Roasted Corn And Porcini Mushroom - Bordelaise SauceA creamy filling Polenta which serves 4. Built with regular use in mind, the sturdy and dependable WX900 Series offers power and heavy duty construction. Unlike other hair care products that claim to be organic but are not, all Herbal Choice Mari Organic Body Care products are certified under the National Organic Program. We rounded up our favorite local health food destinations that offer delicious juices and cleanses to get you back on track come fall. While the Green Detox, made with kale, apple, lemon, and cucumber, is an expected favorite, the fresh pressed Grapefruit Celery Parsley drink caught our eye, and rings in at only 80 calories.
For a less intense version, opt for the Liquid Lithe Cleanse, which includes treats like the Greenest Smoothie and Cashew Milk.
This August, the juice bar will feature a few of their favorites, including the Pearfection Smoothie, Peach Cobbler Smoothie, El Guapo Juice, and our top choice, the Heatwave: a refreshing mint green tea with sweet melon and lime. Among the list of fresh juice combinations is the sweet Citrus Cooler and The Revitalizer, which combines spinach, carrot, cucumber, and ginger for a delightful pick-me-up. While our favorite is the Redman blended with beet, orange, apple, and lemon, we also recommend trying The Core, which mixes carrots, oranges, lemons, ginger, and maca for a sweeter treat.
Available fresh and frozen, guests can look forward to green and veggie juices and a special cucumber, apple, beet, kale, and lemon concoction to end the day.
Sign up and get our best articles delivered straight to your inbox, as well as other subscriber-only deals from our luxe partners! We choose to farm organically because we care for the planet, and we care for our customers.
We love going out and explaining to them about the soil and how it has got to have the right minerals and we love getting them out of Brisbane because it’s so important that they get out of town and understand food production. We also have a new 15 acre property we’re working on in Mulgoa, which is closer to our home and we plan to do vegetables and herbs there too. We don’t use any of the chemicals that the organic certifiers say you can use; we lose crops, we have holes and bugs on our stuff, but we just don’t believe that you should be putting any of those sprays and things anywhere near your food. We’ve found that average Australians won’t come and work hard, they’ve lost the connection between food, the land, and a bit of effort.
This is the second year that Jilly and I have been running it; John has been showing us how everything works.
We’re currently introducing meat goats and sheep, as the property has a huge gorse problem; a horrible invasive spiky weed, and they’re the only thing that will eat it, so we’re trying to turn the problem into an asset. Particularly on a small scale, it’s very difficult to make enough income to make it your full-time job while you try to actually produce food. She moved out of home, travelled around a lot, and was doing outdoor education and hospitality work.
John decided he wanted to retire and offered it to us; to lease the property and the business. If juices aren’t filling enough for you, don't hesistate to check out the juicery's green smoothies for a heartier meal. Our farmers overcome increasing adversities including climate, labour, urban sprawl, and long, hard hours, as they grow our food & materials. We are primarily organic dairy and produce some organic beef as well – we keep all our calves and grow the male ones to 2–3 years old.

Now we don’t have obnoxious weeds, cattle ticks, buffalo fly and things like that so it makes it much easier. We work a lot of hours, Jane was in here ‘til 11 o’clock last night, and on the weekend we were planting trees all weekend. They get on their little quad bike and see how they can help, and it’s the reason I suppose that we keep going through all this adversity – because we can do this as a family, with our children.
We started work on that four months ago; it was a virgin farm that hadn’t ever been under crops, so we had a man come in with a huge tractor and plow and prepare the fields for us and then we planted several thousand dollars worth of seed.
Australians have some of the largest houses in the world, but don’t understand how as these houses move further out on farm land, where are the vegetables going to come from? There’s also vineyards that are a bit rundown – John’s been running it on his own for 10 years or so. It’s nothing like the volume that we sell to Sydney but it’s still quite reasonable, a better direct return, and it’s really fun!
The fresh basil blended together with spinach, apple, and lemon complement each other and make you feel alive. We’ve also got small children and love them to bits; there’s no way we’d spray our paddocks with chemicals and then feed them with the milk that’s produced from those paddocks, we don’t want to do that to anyone’s children. We’re tired all the time, but it is rewarding when the cows look great and they’re milking well, and they’re all healthy and happy, and then you make yoghurt and cheese and milk that everyone raves about. However once the rainy weather hit Sydney we couldn’t get in there, so now it’s been taken over by weeds and all the rain washed down the humps that we’ve built so we’ve got to go right back to square one.
We were next to a guy at a market who was selling certified organic Cos lettuce, and he had to sell them for $5 each! But another problem that we have is that because of companies like Woolworths and Coles bringing prices down, for a farm like us where we do everything by hand and pay the award wage to our staff, we can’t compete with those companies. It just feels a little more real, dealing with the customers directly – you feel like you know what you’re working for.
We’re about to put up a big hot-house, a big poly tunnel, and start doing herbs and vegies. The system in terms of buying in supermarkets is geared toward the cheapest stuff they can get and that makes it challenging. There’s great potential for an amazing lifestyle if we can get the workload under control after these early years of catching up with maintenance and everything else.
We can’t sell a lettuce for 50 cents, because it takes us and costs us much more to get that lettuce into and out of the ground.
Its annoying because you work really hard, it costs a lot of money and we have to go back and get it all redone again. We need people to realise that if you buy a $2 bunch of carrots, you’re getting a $2 bunch of carrots, and you’re not putting something back into your community. When it all just gets put on a pallet and sent to Sydney, its not quite the same emotional return. So we sell ours for $5, and we need people to discover that’s $5 well spent because that money was used to provide employment and to buy the seeds and do all that work.

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