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Jon and Gina Brunson, hosts of the award winning Addicted to the Outdoors (ATTO) television show as seen on Outdoor Channel, are expanding their Addicted brand. Are you married with kids, in love, or dating someone who's just as addicted to the outdoors as you? Here's your once-in-a-lifetime chance to become one of the next outdoor hunting couples to hit national television on Outdoor Channel. Participate in the Addicted Couples Casting Call right from your computer or mobile device. If you have what it takes to be an Addicted Couple, ATTO will send its award-winning professional production film crew to you.

From this launch deck, Jon and Gina believe they can build a national ATTO movement and potentially develop their next television series, Addicted to the Outdoors Couples. TV shows are a fundamental part of many students' lives, and in certain respects our Netflix membership could probably be considered as the most productive five pounds we spend every month.
You can't think of anything other than the programme, you have no desire to do anything but find out what's going to happen in the next episode and deadlines start not to matter - watching the show is the only that's important to you.
If you recognise any of the symptoms listed below then chances are you have a serious TV show addiction and the only cure is to WATCH IT ALL.
Submit a video showing your on-camera personality and passion for hunting along with our Addicted Couples application.

Several couples' hunts will be filmed with the intent of becoming a full-length episode of Addicted to the Outdoors for the 2014 television season.

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