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The early '90s equivalent of the Doritos Locos Taco-flavored Dorito, Rice Krispies Treats Cereal took a beloved product, Rice Krispies, turned it into a completely different food item, Rice Krispies Treats, then turned that item back into a cereal. Check out some of these snacks that are definitely going to make you feel totally nostalgic. One of my favorite frozen treats back in the day, these were even better than Fudgesicles and regular ice cream. Okay maybe I lied before… these Hi-C juice boxes might have been the best juices ever.
That weird moment when you realize that most of those things are still being sold in your country. Let’s face it, everybody wanted a piece of your Dunkaroos, whether it was your friend, brother, sister, or twice removed 2nd cousin in law. Surge, also known as the murderous “Mountain Dew Killer” was Coca-Cola’s own variation on Mountain Dew, it was associated with extreme sports, and could practically make you leap tall buildings with its highly caffeinated consistency. Everyone loves Rice Krispy treats, so what could be better than making it into a mind blowing sugary cereal?!

Nothing was quite as tastefully seductive as taking everything we loved about M&M’s and adding a crisped rice center.
These were definitely one of my personal favorites, The texture, and mixture of chocolate, peanut butter, and size was just so perfect, I popped these suckers like pills.
Oreo O’s and French Toast Crunch led the way for breakfast cereals in the 90s, and that’s why they tie for the #1 spot.
Comment with how you would arrange your top 10 foods of the 90s, or share which food you think should be on the list!
We're sure that there are plenty of baby boomers who look back with fondness on various canned and processed foods that at the time were considered new and exciting, and the 1970s seemed to be a golden age of super-sugary breakfast cereals that came and went. Thankfully, you can still buy some of these today, but a lot of them are rarely seen on store shelves or have been discontinued all together… major sad face. I guess they’re technically called Chupa Chups, but I just think of them as Spice Girls lollipops. I’ll be honest, these were kind of annoying to eat, but they were also pretty much the coolest way to eat a lollipop.

I swear something about these were magical, they simply just tasted better than every other kind of Cheetos.
Both of these cereals actually made waking up and getting ready for school bearable because you got to have you favourite cereal before taking off! But no snack foods seem to have woven their way into the collective nostalgic subconscious like the dearly departed junk food of the 1990s.
My friends and I used to fight over who had the most stickers and eat a million of them while watching the Spice Girls Movie.
This gum had almost no flavor, but it was just so much fun to play with that it didn’t really matter.
It’s actually next to impossible to find these in supermarkets these days, but believe it or not they haven’t been completely discontinued:Amazon still has some available!

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