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A garden is a planned space, usually outdoors, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature. Most garden centres and large stores offer beautiful, relatively inexpensive and innovative products that will make building your pond easy. Hope this will be helpful to you and please send in your comments, suggestions and experiences.
To give your home a very cool environment, you can have this beautiful waterfall design in your garden.
Inground water pond is an entire ecosystem of its own and water feature transforms any garden into a serene retreat.
Slope: Place the pond on a flat area above the lowest spot on the site to avoid overflow by rainwater, causing muddy waters and possibly washing away plants and fish. Soil: Clay soil, although difficult to excavate, hold its shape and flexible liners will conform to whatever configuration you dig out. Sun,Shade and Wind: Position your pond where your plants will get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day.
They will provide valuable biological filtration by removing nitrogen, ammonia, nitrates and other nutrients from the water that algae would otherwise feed on.
Submerged Plants: Sometimes referred to as oxygenators, these aquatic plants grow totally submerged underwater.

Marginal Plants: Marginals are shallow water or bog plants that sit on ledges built along the edge of the pond. The designer has given a very natural view to the garden such as cool waterfall with natural stone material and the natural landscape arrangement. Avoid placing your pond under or close to trees that will drop leaves or needles – that would add additional maintenance to your pond. Create a series of internal ledges that will provide bases for large boulders to gradually incline upward to the pond margins and for marginal plants to be placed in pots and in the pond.
The closer the pond is to electrical outlets for fountains, lights and a pump, the less expensive it will be to run lines to it.
Submerged and marginal plants provide food, shade and protection for fish and other wildlife that live in and around your pond. The absorb dissolved nutrients that encourage growth of algae and their roots receive and protect fish eggs.
Not only does it function as a water clarifier, but it is also the heart of the fish’s health.
Ethylene propylene diene monometer (EPDM) rubber 45mil is fish-safe and it is what most professionals recommend.
Place rocks high enough from the water surface so that predators can’t scoop out fish.

Running a water line is only necessary if you can’t reach the pond with a garden hose to top up the water levels. Some blooming plants will attract beneficial birds, insects,butterflies,frogs and others to your watery paradise. They include winter hardy arrowhead, yellow water iris and cattail as well as tropical, nonhardy taro, canna and papyrus. Another solution is to place predator netting over the pond, or motion=senser sprinklers to spray the predator when it approaches.
You don’t need to go somewhere else to enjoy the landscape view, now you can have it in your own garden! Floating level plants, such as water lilies will shade water surface and absorb dissolved nutrients that contribute to algae proliferation. All liners require installation of an underlay, a cushion of material between the liner and the soil that helps prevent punctures and tears. The minimum depth of a pond should be about 18 inches and you will need to allow 6 – 12 inches for deep shelves for plants.

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