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Firefighters work to get the flames under control after a small plane crashed into a home at 731 Garden Place in Sauk Rapids, Minn., Friday, June 20, 2014. Killed in the crash were pilot Scott Olson, 60, and Alexander Voigt, 16, who was staying with St.
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Neighbor Tammy Lewandowski said the big plane was flying low, and then the smaller plane came in lower and appeared to go out of control. The two people in the plane were sightseeing in the area, Sauk Rapids Police Chief Perry Beise said Saturday. Homeowner Jeff Hille was away at the time but he rushed back after neighbors contacted him and told him what happened.
The National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration were expected to arrive Saturday to investigate the crash, Beise said. Courtney Breth, who lives in the area, told WJON-AM she was at her neighbor's pool with her kids when a bigger airplane flew overhead toward the St.

Sauk Rapids residents Trish and Jeremy Paggen also watched the small plane trail the larger aircraft before crashing.
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He sat across the street watching firefighters and police officers swarm the home to douse the flames.
She watched the smaller plane pass around it, and almost instantly it appeared to be in distress. The NTSB said the pilot likely lost control after its canopy opened in flight, but it says it cannot determine whether wake turbulence from a jet landing at St. It provides a forum for an online discussion and debate about events that might not typically make the front page. According to the investigator: About 5 minutes after the experimental amateur-built RV-6 airplane departed from a local airport, an air traffic controller notified the pilot that an Airbus was 30 miles southwest of the airport and inbound. About 7 minutes later, the pilot reported that he had the Airbus in sight and then stated that he was going to take a picture of it.

A witness reported observing the RV-6 “rocking back and forth” before the “nose went down” and then seeing two objects come off the airplane when it entered a descent. Another witness reported hearing engine noise before observing the airplane enter a steep nose-down descent. The two objects that the witness observed coming off the RV-6, which were a headset and PVC material, were later located near the accident site and did not exhibit thermal damage or soot.
The exit of the two objects from the airplane’s interior indicates that the canopy likely opened in flight, which led to the loss of pitch control. Fire damage precluded examination of the airplane’s canopy and systems; therefore, the reason for the canopy opening in flight could not be determined. In the wreckage was the pilot’s logbook, which indicated an incident had occurred nearly a year earlier in which the canopy had come unlatched.

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