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If you're looking for this location, this has become a better value since the renovation. Decent choice for a sightseeing visit, walkable to Central Park, Grand Central, Rockefeller Center and Times Square, right on top of 51st Street station.
Dear Aaron W, Thank you for staying with us and for providing such a detailed feedback on your visits.

A problem usually meant an elevator ride and waiting in line, but then things would get straightened out quickly.The rooms were sometimes a little dated when we stayed and there were some water pressure issues, but it was always very acceptable and I understand there have been a lot of renovations in the last year or so. Still other places to explore like the roc and Central Park, and still planning on walking to and from.
They greet us when we enter and leave but we've called the front desk or whatever like 5-10 times and no one has ever answered.

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