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Picked when ripe, the seeds are removed and the flesh eaten raw or cooked; it bears edible flowers. Derives its name from its cooked flesh, resembling spaghetti, which it can replace in most recipes.
Its smooth hard skin turns orange when fully ripe; the delicate, slightly fibrous flesh tastes of pepper and hazelnuts.

Used primarily in North America, it can be recognized by its hard fibrous pedicel; its flesh is widely used in soups and desserts and its edible seeds are dried. The rind can be yellow, orange or green; often confused with the pumpkin, it can be recognized by its pedicel, which is soft and enlarged where it attaches to the vegetable.
Vegetables, on double laminated card, are priced from 5p to 100p with a blank circle on the reverse side for any price.

How much change will be needed from £1 or which coins will be used to pay for the items?

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