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Located on a 258,720 sf site along the north bank of Jang-Ji stream, Garden 5 Tool (originally called Dongnam Distribution Center) is a creative and unique solution for a mega-shopping center of specialty shops.
Roses are one of the most popular flowers of all time so we thought we’d talk to the renowned rose breeder and winner of 14 Chelsea Flower Show gold medals, David Austin.
This nursery started in 1970, but my father was breeding roses from the age of 15 and he was born in 1926.
It’s interesting because I didn’t know then how much I was in love with horticulture and gardening. It’s so important that you are excited to put the new varieties into your own garden to feel them and see them in your own situation. The perfect rose has to have all these attributes and we are introducing about six varieties, which is whittled down from probably 60,000 seedlings. We’ve got one for Susan Williams-Ellis, who was responsible for the botanic garden series for Portmeirion potteries. My father is breeding roses that won’t be launched for 10 years; he’s 84 and is still working as passionately as he was when he was 30.
You can get our blog posts delivered for free by email - simply add your email address to the box below or alternatively grab the RSS feed. The Garden of Five Senses is not just a park, it is a space with a variety of activities, inviting public interaction and exploration. The twenty-acre site, located at Said-Ul-Azaib village, close to the Mehrauli heritage area in New Delhi, is spectacular. Secluded, away from the heart of the garden, on the other side of the walkway is the food and shopping court. The heady Trail of Fragrance leads away to a rocky ridge to the north, where elevated amongst the rocks, a sculpture in stainless-steel, inspired by a pin-wheel, dances in joyous abandon.
Wander down the meandering paths to Neel Bagh, a pool of water lilies encircled by pergols covered with climbing plants of different colours and textures. Overhead, hundreds of ceraminc chime, whispering secrets to the breeze, teasing you with their gentle laughter.
There are Colour Gardens - beautiful compositions of flowering shrubs and ground covers that have you looking at familiar plants with new eyes. Nestled amongst the natural slope of the site is the amphitheatre with blocks of sandstone to serve as seating. To consolidate a large number of industrial goods retailers that are currently scattered in the central city of Seoul, the 2,893,440 sf commercial center houses approximately 1,500 shops.

People write in a lot and suggest names; we try and do literary names and those from art and culture.
The name is so well known, the number of times you can sit on a plane or anywhere and get talking about where you are from and what your name is people will often reply with ‘are you the rose people?’ It’s amazing.
There’s a chance he won’t actually see the roses he is working on today but he loves what he is doing.
The project, developed by Delhi Tourism Transportation Development Corporation, was conceptualized to answer to the city's need for leisure space for the public, for people to socialize and unwind. An expansive plaza, set on the natural slope of the site, invites you up the spiral walkway.
On one side of the spiral walkway is the Khas Bagh, a formal garden patterned on the lines of the Mughal Garden. The Courts of Specimen Plants display not so frequently seen species - of bamboo, for instance, or cactii, or herbs.
At the rear of the garden is an open exhibition area for displaying art and for holding art workshops.
In addition, there are large areas where the existing vegetation, consisting mainly of trees such as the local Kikar and the thorny Ber bush, has been left untouched.
Colour, fragrances, texture and form all come together in an evocative bouquet that awakens the mind to the beauty of life and invokes a grateful prayer for the gift of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.
A supplementary facility, containing a fitness center, food court, office and officetel components, is also part of the program. We bred old roses with modern roses to get the repeat flowering from the modern rose with the look and charm of old roses. I’ve got a hedge of Wild Edric and it is a fantastic rose, fantastically healthy, and it flowers repeatedly. Ramblers and climbers, ramblers in particular are a fantastic addition to any garden they are superb.
Majestic rocks stand silhouetted against the sky, others lie strewn upon the ground in a casual yet alluring display of nature's sculptural genius. Slow-moving water cascades in channels along its length, while flowering and fragrant shrubs and trees line its paths. I still know where the irises were, where the equinox was, where the rubrifolia was and so on. The great thing is that they are steeped in scent and that all came through in the breeding so our whole collection is full of all sorts of different fragrances.

If you come to this garden here, which I recommend anybody to do, it’s absolutely incredible.
It was the ideal ground on which to realize the concept of a public leisure space that would awaken a sensory response and thereby a sensitivity to the environment. The Central axis leads to a series of fountains, some of which are lit up by fibreoptic lighting systems. One of the great problems with breeding traditionally is that the customer base is dominated by production, not necessarily for people who love gardening.
For example the Queen of Sweden, a beautiful rose, is practically upright and is great for certain situations, whereas some varieties are a lot more sprawling. It’s overwhelming sometimes if you like gardening and you like roses, or even if you don’t, you can’t come to anywhere more spectacular. It’s because it is something that means something – the beauty of a flower is very special. About 25 different sculptures and murals have been set up in the Garden making it one of the largest collection of public art in the country.
But I think there is something about growing up in the countryside with a big garden that fuels the love for gardening.
A huge number of breeders tend to be boffins – many second and third generation breeders don’t have that passion or association with gardening.
There are a number of other varieties as well, such as Brother Cadfael, which is pretty good. We do flower shows all over the place and the reaction, particularly to cut flowers, is amazing. Qila Rai Pithora and while following the approach road to the Garden from T point of MB Road one can see the massive walls of this fort. The Garden of Five senses depict the architecture of the first city including the stones used in the constructions of boundary walls and dome shaped office complex.
The walk begins with a description of trees which are planted in the outer area of the garden i.e.

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