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King West Eats, Toronto's newest food truck alley, served a lot of hungry lunch diners last week.
The trucks are slated to return this Wednesday through Friday, and a representative from Allied Properties, who teamed up with local food truck Curbalicious to launch the site on a company-owned parking lot, says they're looking into establishing that as an ongoing schedule.
Allied and Curbalicious owner Brittney Pawlick worked together to launch the alley, which ran Monday to Sunday and saw over a dozen trucks driving in throughout the course of the week to dish out everything from healthy wraps and Mexican fare to smoked meat and cupcakes.
Trucks stuck around until 11pm until Friday and Saturday night to catch bar-hopping diners; evidently, lunch service seemed to be the far stronger draw (and a rainy Saturday that washed out business probably didn't help). This week's schedule is yet to be unveiled; for the latest info on truck locations in Toronto, check out Toronto Food Trucks.
This means they are in negotiations with the food trucks on how much it will cost to rent the space.
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I was invited to Blowfish Restaurant & Sake Bar recently for the opening of BarFish, their brand new cocktail lounge.
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Now, it looks like the alley, Toronto's second, will be sticking around for a while longer - but in a more limited capacity, serving only on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during lunchtime. Published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 (Canada) license. She thinks about food every waking hour, seven days a week, and absolutely loves to eat and cook.
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The hot dishes were decent, I liked the tempura-style rock shrimp drenched in kewpie mayo and the classic miso-marinated black cod.
The Japanese A3 Wagyu striploin on hot stone is fun if you like cooking stuff yourself (i.e. The first couple of slices is great because you hear that awesome sizzle once the marbled meat hits the stone but don't expect any sizzle by the second round. There were mixed thoughts on the dessert around the table; the green tea mochi ice cream was very nice while the red bean one was rock hard and the mango was somewhere in the middle.

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