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At the edge of the 3D printing revolution, traditional ways of working, creating, making and consuming seem are witnessing a change.
New chocolate shapes or pizza and pasta made by machines are not what you would ordinarily put in your mouth, a foodie or not.
The initiatives developed by the food brands are many, but it’s still too early to detect a major shift in the food industry. Sign up now to get your dose of politics, culture, and big ideas with our free daily newsletter. New 3D prototype has been made by Janne Kyttanen, it is capable of printing pasta, breakfast cereal and burgers to demonstrate advances in 3D printing and how it could transform the way we eat. XYZPrinting is a startup from Taiwan and undoubtedly the most successful 3d printer manufacturer from the Asian continent. XYZPrinting is working on 2 variants of their food 3d printer, one would be a larger machine that comes with 3 nozzles and can handle 3 different kind of food raw material and the smaller version would have one nozzle.
The expected launch date for the XYZprinting food 3d printer is set to June 2015 and the expected price is to be around US$3,000 and US$5,000 per printer. We became friends during that awkward transition in life when you're still a kid trying to be an adult. In sciences, medicine or art, 3D printing is already more than simply a novelty innovation. Food brands have allocated plenty of resources on their marketing strategies for years, highlighting the traditional roots of baking and comparing them to the noble and romantic trade of a craftsman. The company expects the machine to cook a plate of pasta in front of the customer within a few minutes.

Indeed, Oreo introduced a 3D printer for customized Oreo cookies at the SXSW conference last month. In addition to covering the 3D printing industry, she writes about creators and taste-makers at Gypsy Generation . Their FDM printers called Da Vinci 3d printers are selling like hot cakes because of the price its selling for and the build quality of the printers.
Simon Shen was at a press conference in Taipei the capital of Taiwan where he demonstrated a 3D food printer that his company has been working on. They push the boundaries, try my patience and sometimes they act like little monkeys who won't stop jumping on (and falling) off the bed. Therefore it’s understandable to wonder how these household brands will approach impersonal and a seemingly distant technology of 3D printing.
And the company goes well beyond what we have seen so far, announcing a partnership with Twitter, offering attendees tasty, hyper-personalized and customized snacks based on trending flavors.
In order to show that it is possible to print food, some samples of 3D models in plastic were made of pasta and burgers. A beginners level pre assembled 3d printer made by an American or a European are available anywhere in the range of $800 to $1000. The unnamed printer works of the FDM Technology except that it extrudes food with different temperatures and consistencies.
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It is only a matter of time before technology enables us to print molecule in combinations that produce tasty meals.
It’s just atoms and molecules and with a better advanced technology, we will be able to just move molecules or move atoms. The success of their FDM printers has given the company the confidence required to explore into the possibilities of other kind of 3d printers. Shen said “ the food is made from fresh ingredients and can be printed into any shapes you like. It will be an amazing feature that we will be able to have and make because it will be fast and everything will be on a computer.
So far the pasta isn’t made of pasta but of plastic, and the point of this was to show people that it is possible.
There is also creativity involved in the 3D printing of food, because once it will be possible to actually print using food, people can be creative and print all sorts of things. The time where 3D printing food will be mainstream depends on what kind of financial push it is given.

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