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UFCW staff were first introduced to the workers at Eastland Food when they were invited by Adrian Ventura, Director of CCT, a community group located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, to attend a delegation led by the workers.
After learning their rights, the process, and the benefits of organizing, workers began to sign authorization cards and shortly thereafter a petition for a union election was filed. It cannot be overstated the amount of courage, strength, and solidarity these workers have displayed. The list of people and organizations to thank is long but it first includes Executive Director of CCT Adrian Ventura, who works tirelessly to improve the working conditions of immigrant workers in New Bedford and the surrounding areas. UFCW Local 328 represents over 11,000 hard working men and women located in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Southeastern Massachusetts. Singapore with all its so called sterility does manage to surprise with a cornucopia of multiple cultures with their varied food options.
Last week the first restaurant on our arrival in Singapore we landed up at the mecca of perfect Llaksa in Singapore, called “328, Katong Laksa” at the East Coast road. This place that prides itself in getting the authentic hawkers food for the local palette, they have an unusual way of heating the noodles.
Goes without saying that the sea flavors from the prawns and the cockles perfectly balanced the mildly spiced soup with coconut milk and that fresh lemon juice squeezed in to cut all that richness, rounding up the flavors over your palette with a mild tang in the end.
So next time you see a group of Locals eating that laksa and not sharing a word with each other, it’s understandable and totally accepted. With our souls absolutely satisfied with laksa, the pork char siew and the rice mixed with the spicy sambal sauce lying on every table like a ketchup in a western restaurant, every bite into that soft smoky honey flavored pork took us into a land of ecstasy.
Otah similarly on the other hand gave a perfect counterpoint to the sweet pork with its spicy, dry and pungent mackerel and anchovies that one felt that no meal at this place would be complete without it.
It’s like having a Tango over your taste buds; a treat with the earthy Laksa making the spicy Otak dance on its heels! We walked out with our souls satiated and our wallets still full thinking, would any swanky fine dining place be able to do any justice compared to the 5 SG$ laksa we just had? The name chocolate comes from the Aztecs of Mexico, and is derived from xocolatl which means ‘bitter water.’ Chocolate actually comes from the cacao bean which grows on trees indigenous to South and Central America. Today, the leading producer of the cacao bean is Africa, where it is still grown and harvested by smaller farming operations that do much of the work by hand.
Annual consumption of chocolate, per capita, is approximately 12 pounds per person, with consumers spending over seven billion dollars per year on chocolate! The Spanish explorer Cortes is to thank for modifying the Aztec’s bitter chocolate beverage into a much sweeter drink; he (and his men) experimented by adding cane sugar, cinnamon, and even vanilla to make the beverage more appealing to the European palate.
The industrial age revolutionized the production of chocolate which to that point had been made by hand in small shops; a large amount of chocolate could be made at a very low cost, making chocolate more affordable to the public. Chocolate is supplied as a ration for astronauts during space exploration, and was supplied to soldiers during World War 1. Though chocolate is high in fat, studies have shown that fat from chocolate does not raise cholesterol levels.

Chocolate has been around for centuries, and has undergone quite a transformation from an ancient bitter beverage to the chocolate that we know and love today. Despite the anti-union tactics of management, they remained united and proved once again that when workers choose to stand together, they can be resilient no matter the opposition they may face.
During the days before the election, workers displayed great solidarity among each other by leading another delegation where they were joined by community and labor allies to demand that management respect their rights to form their union and to end the intimidation.
Their message was made loud and clear today: injustice in the workplace will not be tolerated and the time for change is now. We’d also like to thank the Executive Director of Rhode Island Jobs with Justice Mike Araujo and the RI AFL-CIO who helped turn out community and labor allies to show support for the workers at Eastland Food.
Singapore is a city that never stops eating, right from those food courts to hundreds of restaurants dotting the city, all of them busy throughout the day and most of them till late into the night. This particular place that prides itself in selling just 3 items on the menu, their Laksa tops as their sellout dish with the locals queuing up to lay their hands on that delectable heartwarming bowl of goodness.
The laksa soup continues to boil away over the flame while they take a helping of boiled noodles in a bowl and pour that hot soup in and out of it till the noodles heat up. Once you start sipping the laksa with those noodles with occasional bites into floating prawn, cockles and pieces of bakchoy, it is pretty difficult to look up and having that social conversation really seems like a chore. Undoubtedly, the second most ordered dish here with the laksa is the Otah, as it acts like a spicy pickle to the perfect soupy noodles, creating a harmonious balance.
Discovered in 600 A.D, the cacao bean was originally used to make a bitter chocolate beverage for important members of Mayan and Aztec societies, and the beans were even used as a form of currency. Switzerland tops all other chocolate consumers at an annual rate of 22.4 pounds per person.
As chocolate spread from Spain to the rest of Europe, the demand for cacao beans increased dramatically, and colonies and plantations were built to keep up with demand. Chocolate manufacturers like Daniel Peter and Henri Nestle experimented by adding condensed milk and other ingredients to chocolate, producing a smoother, creamier candy that is still enjoyed today.
Chocolate is high in calories so it is a good source of energy – just one chocolate chip provides enough energy for an adult to walk about 150 feet.
Go ahead and celebrate your newly found knowledge of chocolate trivia by indulging in a piece – only then can you really appreciate all that chocolate has to offer!
Some of these include only earning minimum wage, no paid vacations, no paid sick days, no paid holidays, receiving only two break periods for 17 hour long shifts, and allegations of wage theft.
We look forward to beginning the process of negotiating a fair contract that reflects the hard work and dedication that these workers bring to the company every day. The list of these organizations includes IBEW Local 2323, IBEW Local 99, Providence Newspaper Guild, UFCW International, Teamsters Local 251, Unite-Here, NEA, IATSE Local 481, RI Painters Union DC 11, AFSC, State Rep. I started writing this blog for my appreciation of good food as an art form that goes beyond just filling stomachs, celebrating life. We ordered between us a bowl of laksa with cockles (small saltwater clams); an Otak (Mackerel grilled alongside anchovies in a banana wrap) and a honey pork roast char siew with rice.

This does 2 things; heats up the noodles gently without turning them into a pulp, secondly, the starch from all these noodles keeps the soup thick enough without diluting the flavors.
To make xocolatl, the Maya and Aztecs would grind cacao beans and add water, chile peppers, corn, and spices.
When the seeds are harvested and put out to dry in the sun, certain cacao farmers will do a dance over the seeds to signal the end of harvest.
Peak chocolate sales are seen between Thanksgiving and New Year, and right before Valentines Day. Most of these plantations used wage laborers and enslaved people to produce and harvest the cacao.
Hershey started making chocolate covered caramels in 1893, and Mars began producing the Milky Way shortly thereafter. Queen Victoria began the ritual of giving chocolate to soldiers when she sent gift baskets to armed forces in the late 19th century as Christmas treats.
Chocolate contains a small amount of caffeine and also contains theobromine, which can be lethal to dogs and other animals in large doses.
Is an answer I’ve been trying to find out right from the first laksa I had at the Bangkok airport years ago.
Once a prized possession of Native American tribes, the cacao bean continued its reign as more societies were introduced to its pleasing flavor; the Spanish conquistadors brought the cacao bean back to Europe where it stayed in royal hands for many years. High quality chocolate manufacturers will actually choose their cacao beans in a similar way to how a winery will choose its grape varieties. Chocolate makers use almost half of the world’s almonds, 20% of the world’s peanuts, and 8% of the world’s sugar. It was only in 1910 that William Cadbury rallied chocolate manufacturers to boycott cacao beans grown by slaves – they would only buy beans from cacao farmers that provided fair working conditions. Asian populations consume small amounts of chocolate, and countries like Ghana rarely use the cacao beans because they are worth more as a traded commodity. Store chocolate securely on a high shelf to ensure pets cannot reach it; it smells just as good to them as it does to us!
It is that perfect balance of flavors with the right texture of noodles with a harmony of sea food and a tang from the fresh lemon. Obviously, chocolate has since reached the general public – chocolatiers such as Hershey, Mars, and Nestle are to thank for that. Chocolate has over 500 flavor components (twice that of vanilla), and has a melting point just below the temperature of a human body – that’s why it melts in the mouth! Amongst all the south east restaurants I’ve been to in Delhi and Mumbai, it either ends up being close to thick spicy Thai curries or too bland and watery like a chicken broth with some coconut cream thrown in.

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