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The very first step that you need to take is to determine which plan you will be following. Once you have decided which plan you will be following, either PLAN A or PLAN B, you’ll want to refer to the DAILY FOOD CHART below. Its completely up to you to decide when you want to eat, but its suggested that you eat BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER, AND TWO SNACKS throughout the day. PLAN A works out to about 1200-1300 calories and PLAN B workout out to between 1600-1700 calories per day.
Be sure to watch the full video explanation of my assessment of the MAX:30 nutrition guide below! Want to know exactly what’s in my cupboards and how I eat day-to-day to stay on track? Often, just looking carefully at a lobster will tell you whether or not it’s a good pick, but the color does not really matter.
If you see black marks or holes in the shell, it is an indication that the lobster may be old.
Lobster experts say there’s really no difference in flavor between the male and female lobster. Supermarkets aren’t the best place to choose when buying a lobster, especially if you’re in a location that’s far from the sea.
Be sure, however, that you or someone else is available to receive the package and refrigerate it immediately. When ordering online, always check to see if the company you’ve chosen offers some sort of guarantee should the lobster arrive damaged or if it is no longer alive by the time it makes it to your front door.
Prices for online lobster purchase will vary but, again, will largely be determined by supply and demand at the time you order.
Patrick, owner of Buster's Beach House in Long Beach calls Charles to investigate rumours that his executive chef is showing preferential treatment amongst the waiting staff. Our man Farley Elliott out in Los Angeles has been dutifully covering the Mexi fast-food scene. What you’ll want to be sure of though is that you spread your food choices out throughout the day so that you are eating balanced meals. If you dont like to track calories or macros, then you can use the portion control container system to help you measure out all your serving sizes. I pondered inside my brain things the same exact question – so I did some nutrition detective work. Lets say you fall in love with Quest Bars as I have…Is that 1 protein, 1 carb, and 1 fat on the portion control plan with MAX:30?

One of the things that I love about tracking your macros is that you CAN have that kind of flexibility – to enjoy a treat in moderation.
Its my goal to make resources that are practical and useful so that ANYONE can succeed with their nutrition and fitness. Prices tend to be a bit high, but the juicy, succulent meat of a good lobster is well worth the cost. Most potential lobster chefs aren’t sure what they’re looking for when purchasing a lobster from a store.
Most lobster consumed in North America is harvested in the Atlantic Ocean, around Maine and the Atlantic Provinces of Canada included New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.
If a lobster is not fresh and has been kept in a tank for some time, its claws will shrink and it tends to become weak in general. Though the holes don’t directly affect the flavor, you’ll probably still want to consider a younger lobster with no holes or marks on its shell. However, prices tend to be a bit higher from Memorial Day through Labor Day when more are sold for summer lobster bakes, picnics, and other events and when tourist season is at its peak in Maine and eastern Canada.
Supermarket lobsters tend not to be very young and may be sitting in the tank for weeks, especially when the price is high. These online services, usually lobster pounds in Maine or the Maritime Provinces of Canada, ship to you directly from the cold waters of the Atlantic. Plan to cook the lobster on the day you receive it and allow for about 1 to 2 pounds per person. Flip through the slideshow or click on the links below to see which menu items from familiar Mexican, or Mexican-leaning, chains—including Taco Bell, Rubio's, Qdoba, Baja Fresh, Chipotle, Wahoo's, Del Taco, Green Burrito, and El Pollo Loco—are actually worth ordering. So, instead of trying every single one, we just rated the quality of the meat options (in taco form) here: steak, chicken, veggies and even the carnitas, where available. You dont want to eat 6 boiled eggs in the morning and have no protein servings left in the day. The container colors match the DAILY FOOD CHART categories from above and if it fits in the container…thats a serving!
I am of the firm belief that our lives cannot be governed by a list of foods that are okay and not okay to eat. I took both PLAN A and PLAN B and entered food items from the FOOD DIRECTORY according the the serving sizes and number of servings laid out in each plan. What I LOVE about this macronutrient ratio is that the 40% carbs give you great sustained energy throughout the day and the 30% fats helps you stay satisfied and feeling full throughout the day. I will not only teach you the HOW of getting extreme results, but you are actually going to learn how to PREVENT FAILURE!

Most lobster lovers will agree that having lobster for dinner represents a truly special occasion, whether it’s consumed at a restaurant or in your home at the family table. More importantly, they don’t know where to go to purchase the best and freshest lobster – the ideal specimen that will produce that much-anticipated perfect meal. These lobsters are usually greenish brown or black in color but can also be spotted sporting hues of yellow, blue or brownish red. If it’s the main course, you’ll want to choose a lobster that ranges between 1 ? and 2 pounds.
To determine which is which, examine the first set of appendages where the body and tail meat.
If you want to buy lobster live and “in person”, check out a specialty seafood store instead of a grocery-type establishment. They are indeed shipped “live” and almost always via one of the overnight shipping services, so you can be sure that what you receive is fresh.
He's been answering this very question in various categories, from ground beef tacos to veggie burritos. But even when you enjoy a treat, you can still plan ahead and stick within your targeted macronutrient goals for the day. With just a few pointers, however, even the novice lobster cook can choose correctly and produce a lobster dinner that will be memorable for those lucky enough to be at the table when it’s served.
As with most items, price depends on supply and demand and many factors can affect supply, say those who know the business best. This is a great service as you can order as late as about 3 pm the day before you need the lobster. In addition, I think my results and the results of our team members show the benefits of TRACKING YOUR MACROS with a program like myfitnesspal. The image to the right is of the macronutrient ratio and calorie intake after entering the food items into myfitnesspal for PLAN B. If its claws are droopy and its tail is curled under its body, the lobster is no longer fresh.  Try pulling the tail straight. If it doesn’t re-curl, it has most likely been in the tank for a while and should not be purchased. If you’re trying to decide between two lobsters of the same weight, the one with the smaller carapace will tend to have more meat so you’ll get more for your dollar.

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