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March 10, 2014 by Caro Ryan 15 Comments I’m still staggered by the number of people who say that planning and organising food is the issue that stops them from doing overnight hikes. This is simply a trip to your outdoors store (or buy online) purpose made dehydrated hiking meals.
No offence, but if you can go to a supermarket, you can organise easy overnight hiking meals. And to make it even easier, you can Download my Hiking Food Shopping and Prep List here, and take it with you to the shops! Chocolate – every hikers perfect dessert – How to make friends around the campfire!
And if you really want something to drink before bed (think about it), a hot choccie could be nice. I’ve been known to use the lid and ring pull as a spoon to scoop out the salmon… be careful though! Oh and don’t forget to take something as emergency food, just in case you get back late or are benighted. Beef Jerky makes a good alternative to salami, especially if you’re hiking in the tropics or hot weather!

I’m going cycle touring this weekend and am already concocting ideas in my mind of what I might like to bring along.
I looked into the dehydrated foods at the camping store but they are not only too damn expensive the ones I found were also not gluten free. I then had a browse in my local Coles supermarket and found that they had Weight Watchers meals in the same section near the instant pasta pouches etc. Mountain bread is good for lunch (can roll it up) I also like to mix honey and peanut butter and place in leak proof small plastic bottle (ex marmite bottle works). I found this list of food the most helpful of the over 15 websites I’ve been researching tramping meals on. I grew up in Sydney, Australia in a family that never went camping or on outdoors adventures. The Chrome Wire 24-Can Beverage Dispenser is a great alternative to retrieving cans from the cardboard box. Also great for holding and dispensing cans of soup, vegetables and fruit in a kitchen pantry. If you just want the easiest option and don’t want to think about it, order a 24hr ration pack that is ready to go.

There’s a stack of different varieties available these days and some brands, such as Backcountry, come with the easiest of all preparations. When I hiked The Great North Walk I managed to carry breakfast, snacks, lunch, fruit (in the form of baby food squeezes), soup, dinner, desert and drinks for 14 days at just 700g per day. It’s getting a bit old now, so I’m about due to do another one to freshen things up and add some more interest for those who are ready to get more advanced!
This beverage can organizer features a two-tier design that holds up to 24 standard 12 ounce cans, rolls cans down and easily dispenses a can at a time, stops the prevent cans from rolling out the front, and a wire shelf top that offers additional storage space. It’s all about breaking it down, removing the packaging and only taking what you need.
I found some great websites with recipes for things like Beef and Cinnamon soup, Fish Curry, Mashed Potatoes with Beef, Chocolate Custard (well, that one is my own recipe). You can buy packs for all meals, but you might just want to grab the evening meal and substitute it with your supermarket options below.

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