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The flyer (which I also made) has not been sanctioned yet for this event so I'm not posting it to Facebook but it should be out there soon!
Here's a new flyer I made for my Zumba Gold class at 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport, Walnut Creek.
On another note, I finished my 3rd Zumba Gold class at 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport in Walnut Creek. Every once in a while, I come across a Zumba routine that is so out there, I can't help but think of this scene in 1987's Can't Buy Me Love with Patrick Dempsey (way cute movie, by the way).
In this second scene, it shows how the whole thing unfolds and everyone follows his routine.
Send me your friends who are just beginning their fitness journey, people who need to take it easy due to injuries or illnesses, people who need to take it easy on their knees, people who want to 'ease' into Zumba, or even your granny with her walker!
At the very last minute this morning before I left, I decided to burn my play list to a CD, on the off chance they didn't have the correct cable for my iPod. The class was small; there were only about 15 people there but we chatted and they were quite pleasant.
I welcome everyone and tell them that I am probably very different than what they are used, but no matter. I created this flyer for the upcoming Master Class with Wally, his wife, Jaidy, and Camilo. Best part is, I have a free membership to In Shape so I can attend the classes of Candi, Yanitza, Guicho, Sheyla and all the other In Shape instructors! When shopping at Zumba Dot Com, use my Affiliate Code: CONSABOR at checkout and receive 10% off of your Zumba Wear order!

Zumba Gold is lower impact Zumba Basic and is designed for the individual who needs to take it easier.
Off to regular randomness and then to quit procrastinating and put my playlists together for tomorrow. I am starting a Zumba Gold class at the new 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport Club in Walnut Creek beginning Monday, April 8! You see a couple of months ago, I was told that they wanted to add a Zumba Gold class at the new 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport in Walnut Creek.
I didn't know anyone and I don't have a posse for morale support so I was trying not to freak out. Drop the habit of teaching without a plan and pick up the new habit of creating and using a class schedule from the start to the end of the semester.
There is little time to waste if any unless you are on a short break where you can grab a glass of water or a cup of coffee.
This is possible now because you know how much time you spend on a sessions and the mind is prepared for the next class. I was lucky enough to participate with my dear Zumba friends, Tammy, Mia and a bunch of new Zumba friends in Carnaval last Sunday! You can use the free to download, print and use class schedule template to create a suitable schedule for the next semester, according to the number of lessons that you have. I won't be attending as I will be teaching my regular class at Clayton Valley Dance Academy but I wanted to help promote this for my fellow Zumba Instructors and for STAND. His wife Jaidy and Camilo are the headliners, but, many of our local talented Zumba Instructors will be on hand!

He was going to his first dance as a non-nerd and wanted to watch Bandstand to learn how to dance. I completed all the steps (paperwork) and there was a delay because of vacations, incomplete paperwork, etc. My last minute thinking came in quite handy and disaster avoided on my very first day at 24! There is no gainsaying that your career at some schools can be quite boredom if you do not have a proper class schedule. Browse through a list of the available options, pick a template that pleases your eyes, edit the template according to fit you Daily lesson plan including weekends and thereafter print the template so that you now have a suitable class schedule.Class schedule ucsd are available here.
In addition, there will be a $100 gift card for the person who is the most transformed by Zumba! Although I'm on the bill, I will only be there in spirit as it is me and My Little Honey Bunch's wedding anniversary! If you've never been to a Zumba class before and just want to ease into it, this is a good choice as well.

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