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Chinatown Report is a Social Media Network providing news and info about Chinatown's, globally.
Navigating the crowded corridors of any metropolitan Chinatown can be daunting, and Oakland is no exception.
The Chinatown of today manages to remain a tight-knit ethnic neighborhood where Cantonese, Mandarin and other dialects are the talk of the day. LOS ANGELES, CA - Los Angeles Chinatown celebrates its 76th Annual Mid-Autumn Moon Festival on September 13th, 2014. SEATTLE -- The new police chief is drafting customized policing plans for each of the city's neighborhoods, and residents in the International District are getting out in front with their own list of concerns.Chinatown residents are looking for solutions to ongoing crime problems. This isn’t that imitation Chinese you get from the 24-hour buffet around the corner from your apartment. Xi’an, in central China, is known for its noodles, and every self-respecting noodle joint in said city makes their noodles from scratch.
Kao rou is the standard serving of meat in China, and might be one of the most well known traditional Chinese foods available. Another one of the most well-known of traditional Chinese foods, this is your classic dumpling, often filled with beef, pork or veggies. This is the Chinese answer to a western hamburger, though, as a burger aficionado, I take serious issue with the fact that anybody would even call this one. Seen here is a giant brick of tofu (I know, right?) which is sitting in a mixed sauce of oil, chili and sesame (among other unknown flavors), topped with green veggies. Though not a traditional Chinese food in mainland China, momo are common in Tibet and Western China. Though I never enjoyed eggplant at home, it quickly became one of my favorite things to eat in China. Beef noodles are a personal favorite, and they can be found in almost every restaurant or household in China.
If you ever get a chance to experience traditional Chinese food, I highly recommend you try it! Learn how sleep, blue light, supplements, and sunlight affect melatonin and what are the ramifications of imbalanced levels.
Circadian rhythmicity is present in the sleeping and feeding patterns of animals, including human beings.
In Humans, this clock has been putting us to sleep to recover and waking us up to hunt and gather. For example, a 2007 study led by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) showed that shiftwork has been associated with cancer.[1] Other studies have reported that night workers have an increased incidence of heart disease, digestive disorders and menstrual irregularities. Melatonin is the main hormone that regulates the circadian rhythm, so addressing any kind of sleep problems has to fundamentally address melatonin.
If you live in an especially foggy area with a lot of overcast and low sunshine, like we do, then I definitely recommend getting a light box. Studies have found significant improvement with daily 20 minute sessions, although the lamp has be within 12 inches and angled downward toward your face. GABA - 25mg: Increases relaxation, Growth Hormone synthesis and overall anti-anxiety effect.
Melatonin takes anywhere from 30-90 minutes to achieve full effect so you want to take it that long before bed.

Melatonin has been a supplement I've taken and recommended for 3 years with great success. In the last 12 years I've helped thousands get their dream body and live life to the fullest.
It can be overwhelming to try and find the best places to eat, especially since the small, unassuming restaurants sandwiched between busy produce vendors are usually the real culinary gems of the neighborhood.
Multiple generations of families live close together in walk-up apartments above shops and restaurants. The Moon Festival, known as the Zhongqiu Festival in China, is a harvest celebration dating back over 3,000 years. I could've very well been in that same spot on Grand Street just a couple of seasons earlier.
I lived and traveled in China for ten months and got to experience the real deal, local cuisine of the cities and villages. This traditional Chinese food dish includes noodles made from spinach, then topped with whatever ingredients your heart desires. The usual suspects are green beans, cucumbers, lotus root and cabbage, amongst a brilliant assortment of whatever else the house thinks bests suits the dish! Stinky tofu is often the culprit when entire sidewalks full of people are choked out as they are engulfed in a thick haze of stench. There is conflict over the territory of Tibet, but I did eat these in the People’s Republic of China, so they made the list. This is a bowl of sliced eggplant that tastes more like sweet and sour pork than a vegetable. Western countries have, unfortunately, changed the cuisine, and turned it into something more akin to a greasy, late-night snack. If you read last week's how to boost your hormones naturally article you would have learned how important hormones are in regulating body functions. Evolutionarily, one of its purposes was to signal to the body that it's night time and perform functions that are often synergistic with sleep. In fact, without order our bodies wouldn't be able to manage all the infinitely complex processes that are happening. This isn't limited to humans but most living creatures even fungi have a circadian rhythm. There are also clear patterns of core body temperature, brain wave activity, hormone production, cell regeneration and other biological activities.
So not only do you look worse, but it's hard to train and implement a diet consistently.
I've been using the one pictured below for several weeks and have noticed a huge improvement in my mood, energy levels, and motivation - I actually came across it researching for this article and decided to try it. There's two main category, plain melatonin on its own and melatonin + blend of other stuff. Make sure to avoid lights as much as possible during this time and implement it as part of your bed time routine. Traditionally, farmers celebrated a bountiful harvest by gathering family and friends to admire the bright harvest moon and eat moon cakes. The above serving has a spicy tomato-like sauce and is topped with egg, potato, carrots, beef and chili.

With enough of the right seasoning (you can see they use a lot), this traditional Chinese dish actually ain’t half bad. The locals dip their dumplings in black vinegar mixed with a chili sauce, which adds a unique bitter, sweet and spicy flavor. Instead of noodles, this stew uses bits of unleavened bread, which soaks up the rich flavor. It’s sweet and mushy, which I couldn’t enjoy, but the sugary pineapple underneath was a nice nosh!
Each restaurant prepares their noodles differently, so eating the same thing never gets boring. That being said, with the uprising of gourmet and artisanal restaurants, many Chinese food menus are turning into something more representative of the authentic experience.
Luckily, melatonin is one of the easiest to boost and influence its levels - even more so if you are in the U.S. When you have order you also have a rhythm as the same sequence of events keep repeating: breathing, circulation, digestion etc. The reason this clock is so important because different times of the day were advantageous to do different things.
It's especially noticeable on days when it was super foggy and I would normally start dragging. Another study found it was more effective than an anti-depressant for the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder. There is also some concern for those who have auto-immune problems since melatonin improves immune function. The additional crunchy vegetables provide a delicious juxtaposition next to the soft thickness of the ma shi.
You might find lamb, beef, chicken, or even the gizzards and other weird stuff no westerner would happily stick in their mouth. It’s served with chili sauce and pickled garlic on the side, meant for eating on its own, alongside the stew.
The pork is left to cook overnight in a large pot of spices like cardamom and cloves, and by morning, the meat would fall right apart. For example, plants use theirs to know when is the the best time to flower or go into photosynthesis - wouldn't want to do that at night!. The other common side effect is waking up during the night due to increased REM sleep cycles which increases the brief awakenings.
I recommend the Schiff Melatonin Ultra which has a blend of other vitamins and herbs since I've found it very effective.
I'd start with the standard dose, evaluate the effects over several days and go from there.

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