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We supply one of the largest ranges of litter bins and recycling bins in the UK in a wide variety of styles, shapes, capacities and colours.
Select a category to view our full range and order online or call our sales team on 01777 858009 for free advice and guidance.
These wheeled trolleys are ideal for the movement of materials in places such as factories, construction sites, bars, restaurants, pubs, holiday parks etc. The bin has a child friendly design which makes it ideal for placing in and around schools and nurseries. The Combin recycling bins are the ideal solution for a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to segregating recycling in your office.
This catering bin is manufactured from food grade medium density polyethylene, a tough and durable, UV resistant material. Suitable to be used in restaurants, pubs, and kitchens due to its wide range of storage and handling applications. The Sweep Bin is manufactured from tough and durable polyethylene and features a heavy duty handle. Has the choice of 5 coloured lids, and optional recycling stickers can be added upon request. These wheeled bottle bins are ideal for collecting and storing empty bottles in environments such as restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels and function venues. Features a liquid collection flask that can be emptied without the need to empty the whole bin.

This fixed body, pedal operated sack holder has been designed for use in hospitals and doctors surgeries and is available with a choice of lid colours in standard waste segregation colours which support the safe management of health care waste and adherence to infection control guidelines. The castors have no internal fixings protruding enabling the full internal carrying capacity to be used. The Eco Recycled Hooded Top Litter Bin is a premium bin manufactured from 100% recycled plastic polyethylene. The Wharf Litter Bin features an attractive and unique appearance and is available in a wide range of colours.
This high-quality bin has a steel body and a high impact plastic lid, making it ideal for high traffic areas such as receptions.
Fitted with a red plastic bin liner clamp, the liner is secured to the bin, preventing the liner from falling into the bin. Designed for use in bars and hotels, our range of bar trucks are manufactured from polyethylene, a tough and durable material, which is UV resistant.
The bin is manufactured from tough and durable, UV resistant Polyethylene allowing the bin to be located outdoors with very little maintena.. This product has variants and can only be added to the cart by viewing the product details page.
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Moulded from food-grade MDPE, this lid is designed for use with both the polyethylene and stainless steel 200 & 300-litre tote bins.

Our comprehensive range of outdoor litter bins and indoor litter bins are suitable for commercial offices, schools & public spaces. The advantages of this material are that it is tough and durable, fully UV resistant and available in a choice of fade free colours.
The stainless steel strip on the front edge of the bin prevents wear and tear and ensures years of trouble free use.
The bin can hold up to 500 cups (max cup diameter 86mm) and reduces the bulk of used disposable cups by 75%. A great addition to your garden or any areas around your home, it also provides convenient access to your bins and extra security.
This is one of the first bins to combine an environmentally friendly manufacturing process with a classic Victoriana style design. The swing lid lifts off and also acts as a sack retaining lid and is powder coated in a colour of your choice to suit your recycling stream. Available in 12 colours for operational segregation, it is suitable for all food and bakery environments.
It is complemented by a wide range of associated products and is available with or without a lid.

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