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According to a recently-published study in Protein & Cell, a group of scientists at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China have created the first genetically modified human embryos. To accomplish this feat, the researchers used a technique called CRISPR, which (in very simple terms) seeks out genes that cause genetically-inherited diseases. In their experiments, the researchers were attempting to edit a gene called HBB, which encodes a protein whose mutations can sometimes trigger a deadly blood disorder.
This is problematic because accidental mutations could cause new disorders, with the potential for disastrous and unforeseen effects on coming generations. World’s Tallest People Study: Taller People Have Higher Life Expectancy, Income And Cancer Risk? Since that time, the genetically modified babies have grown up, and they are expected to graduate high school in the spring of 2015.
Since the time of conception, the identities of the genetically modified babies has been cast in shadows. Since it was revealed that the children were subjects of genetically modified behaviors, there has been much debate about the ethics involved in creating designer human beings and the long term effects of doing so. Debate against GMO vegetables and other consumable products and the effects they might have on humans has surged in the last few years. Although most information about the genetically modified babies has been kept under wraps, there was a report in 2001 that reported two of the children may have been born with Turner Syndrome, which results from a missing sex chromosome.
Although the cases of the two babies which did not survive was published, they are not counted in the lack of follow-ups due to the failure to mature outside of the womb.
The FDA has just made history by approving the first pharmaceutical drug available for use in humans derived from genetically modified ingredients.
Protalix BioTherapeutics developed the drug for Pfizer by creating the human enzyme in the cells of carrots. While Elelyso is the first genetically modified pharmaceutical to hit the market, it is not the first to be produced. And so it has come to pass: Chinese scientists at the University in Guangzhou have created the first genetically modified human embryos. Indeed corresponding author Junjiu Huang notes that both Science and Nature rejected his work precisely on those grounds, and so it was published instead in Protein and Cell. It seems to me that work like this could be done in IPS cells rather than semi-viable embryos. Most notably this TALEN system appears to involve little more than injection of a few RNA agents, and doesn’t seem to have the nonspecific edit issues just reported for CRISPR, not least of all because the mitochondrial genome is so small to begin with.
I find it pretty funny that the people in Science and Nature are against publishing this and in general, against progress in this field. The only thing that has actually made our miserable little lives on this insignificant speck of dust is the pursuit of knowledge.
I think we should test everything and anything possible to accelerate the research as much as we can. If you can’t acknowledge that many religious people give their time and money to help others as a result of religious teachings then you are just being willfully ignorant.
Humans have been genetically modifying their food ever since the first proto-farmer realized he could mate his fattest hen with his slowest cock to produce extra toothsome and sluggish chickens. The AquaBounty specialized fish farming facilityThough abundantly healthy to eat, salmon are not especially easy to farm. The concerns regarding the genetically modified salmon are numerous, including a debunked myth that they might cause cancer and an ongoing concern over what would happen if these super salmon ever escaped into the wild.
There’s a different perspective to be taken about knowing whether a creature has feelings and can feel pain than to argue it had to be proven through the use the scientific method.
Anyone who have been with animals for a longer period of time know each animal have a unique personality. Even so if we made Soylent Green out of humans, I’d still eat it (assuming it tasted good). Which is likely why many big chain food companies don’t let a normal person, with a camera, inspect the slaughtering. Sadly many of these shortages could’ve been alleviated by not wasting so much to begin with. I once went into a Waffle House where they would give homeless people free waffles if they needed food. Humanity needs to find a away to grow meat as fast as possible so that we may spare the suffering that these animals have to go through.
Our food is being tinkered with and they are using the public to assess the affects, why do you this Americas are so god damn fat! We live in a sick society, only a society centred around money and corporatism could birth such an abomination. Sweet now I can enjoy more salmon without breaking the bank and I’ll be healthier too! It would be nice to eat as much cheap artificially grown salmon meat without the risk of overdosing on the daily recommended allowance of mercury. On that thought, would it be weird to request a portion of artificially grown human meat for consumption?
This is the sort of thing that happens when you centre society around profit, everything else get put to the wayside.
Wouldn’t be surprised if this is somehow affecting us in some way or another in the long run. In games with item keeping (backpack organizing) I have to keep looking back and forth numerous times to see which item had the better stats even though I could see one had the better stat but my brain wasn’t convinced until I triple checked or more to make sure it was better. Both statements are conjectural, without basis in peer-reviewed studies published in respected journals.
Please excuse the delayed reply, I was experiencing a few technical difficulties over the last few days. It is wrong from a moral perspective due to the overarching damage that genetically modified food causes.
In the case of salmon, there’s little negative impact, as pesticides are not used in fish farming.

Even if the live stock were free range grown the corn that they consume is probably GMO as well. Plus Label laws are a federal responsibility, if they try to label GMO salmon it will be overturned in court.
They do not feed it anything, they just inject all the necessary nutrients straight into the blood stream. They don’t allow fish farming only fish ranching, and why would anyone from Alaska buy a farmed fish?
Food and Drug Administration approved the first genetically modified animal for human consumption inside these United States. Rumors have been circulating for some time that this had already been done, but prior to now, there was no official scientific documentation to back it up. Of the 86 embryos used in the experiment, only 71 survived the procedure, and DNA was successfully spliced in just 28 of them — many of which were shown to contain new and unintended genetic content. It is unknown, publicly, whether the children have had health issues, excelled in school, or any sort of quirks that set them apart from naturally conceived children with only two parents.
As the original children prepare to graduate from high school, there is curiosity as to whether their offspring will be hindered by the experiment that originated within them. We can most likely expect the debate to transition toward the reproduction of genetically modified humans as well. According to the report, one of the babies resulted in a miscarriage and the other was aborted. Approval of the drug may also make it easier for other genetically modified pharmaceuticals to gain approval in the near future, ramping up greater concern over the already contentious genetically modified ingredients found in nearly 80 percent of all processed food sold in the U.S. This was done by the insertion of a gene that encodes the protein into the carrot’s cells.
Although there had been rumors circulating for some time that it had already been done, until now, there has been no official scientific report.The team used a gene-editing technique known as CRISPR (which we discussed in some detail last month, and which was originally debuted last year), to modify the gene responsible for a potentially lethal blood disorder known as ?-thalassaemia. This technique works for modifying these cells in culture, where you can easily infect all the cells with a CRISPR containing vector, however it is much more difficult to access all the cells in the fully grown human. It will take the three-parent embryo question off the floor, and also pave the road for the nuclear gene edits that will follow. You can’t beat reality via a popularity contest, the facts will always be as they are :p Heck a while ago most people thought the world was flat, so using your logic that since the majority believed it, then that is fact even to this day even when we know better now ? You single out the worst atrocities committed in the name of religion without giving credit to the countless other acts of kindness.
The point to take away there, for other readers is that it is by our own hard work that we advance. The Christian right wing in the United States that co-opted the Republican party and pushes their puritan views on everyone? You are entitled to your opinion about human testing; I don’t think you would want to be the person born with the defects though would you? As a result our scientific journals fear to publish and scientists are stopped financially by politicians. It takes an average of three years for a normal salmon to grow to market size, practically a millennium in the world of factory farmed animals. My initial reaction was one of disgust and still I don’t like the idea of unnatural manipulation of animals. But I do think people should feel an appropriate amount of guilt for the food industry that they support. If they lived in the sea they would get pretty toxic in the 3 years it takes to grow to full size. This usually goes on for about 15 minutes or more before it strains my brain to the point where i procrastinate it for later and this is why I have such a huge backlog.
Sounds like sticking to a diet of eating lifeless food out of a can should be just as good as well. By the way, there have been no long-term safety studies on the consumption of GMO salmon, so expect in a few years to hear horror stories about new cancers and other weird health consequences. When I heard about the Salmon thing thing this week and that it does not have to be labeled , that’s disturbing ! Having much larger salmon means that we can get the same amount of meat we currently have from less fish, which means less animals have to die. Rather, it’s the genetic modification that allows the plants to survive more pesticides, and those are the real culprits. This complex can be programmed to target problematic genes and replace them with different molecules, which effectively neutralizes them before a person is born. They were grown specifically for experimentation, and were engineered to stop growing at an early stage. Furthermore, there are more musings about what the would happen to the offspring if two of the genetically modified individuals were to procreate with each other. Because of its apparent specificity and stealthy mode of operation, CRISPR is a much more desirable gene therapy than previous efforts that were based on modified viruses. You present only a circular argument that ethics and morals are foolish because they are ethics and morals. The Catholic church who espouse the moratorium on contraceptives which causes many broken families? The real reason education was hard to come by is that most people were simply more concerned with trying stay alive and raise their families. I’d add that no reason for people to be killed in car accidents and from electrical shock. Not to mention that the embryos being used are not given a choice as to their participation in these experiments.
Other hybrid proteins appearing on the horizon include cultured chicken breast grown in a lab and cow milk produced by genetically modified yeast cells. For comparison, a hybrid Cornish X hen, the fastest growing of the meat birds, is ready for butchering in as little as eight weeks. The fear was that the GE salmon might cause normal salmon to go extinct if they were to escape into the wild.

Any homeless person that came asking for leftovers was given a free (fresh) meal, just because the store manager believe it was the right thing to do. Fast growth, more biologic and methabolic requirements, more stress for the extra activity, not pain.
Breeding animals by selection as we have done throughout history up to certain limits is okay by me as long as the animal lives a decent life. It doesn’t feel right that the demographic ultimately responsible for killing them gets to demand to feel good about it too. Usually its the age of the fish that determines how much mercury has built up so in the case of the GM fish the faster growth rate would help too. Now when I look at things, I have to keep going back 3-6 times to make sure I did that particular thing. While pesticide companies have been widely responsible for creating GMOs to better their other products, genetically modifying our food in and of itself is not wrong. The technique has been demonstrated in animal embryos and in adult human cells, but this is the first published study that deals with human embryos.
However, details of the follow ups are being kept secretive, possibly to lessen any controversy and cause for panic. Jacques Cohen, the scientist who carried out the cytoplasmic transfer, defended the defect.
We had speculated that one reason for the delay in bringing the news to the fore was that the major journals were, in effect, ethically policing this kind of work — waitlisting its publication on moral grounds rather than on scientific merit. It’s a tough problem all around and credit should be given to these Chinese researchers that are working to solve it. I can’t wait to genetically engineer my kids with the highest IQ possible, extremely fit, no genetic disposition to diseases.
Did you forget all of the religious wars such as the crusades, the current Muslim wars, burning witches at the stake, and all of the other killing in the name of God, Allah or whatever else? One thing to note – it was religious scribes that kept alive our scientific knowledge from the fall of Rome through to the Renaissance. Knowledge is power, and the church recognized this and obviously wanted to concentrate power back to the church. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. This has created in imbalance in the supply and demand for salmon, keeping prices high.Enter AquaBounty Technologies. However, the FDA scientists concluded that while the genetically modified Salmon indeed grow faster and larger in size than their natural cousins, the GE salmon experienced higher stress levels than their natural counterparts and, therefore, had a decreased ability to survive in the wild. I’m a Dutch guy staying in Texas at the moment and I am absolutely appalled by what I see people shovel away here. Cultured meat is weird, but the public was disserved when we had the pink slime fiasco a few years ago. A spokesperson for Britain’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) spoke out on the follow ups. It does also come with its own risks and side effects including headache, chest pain, fatigue, skin irritations, joint pain and flushing. These people don’t value human life unless it fits in their particular brand of dogma. For the last 20 years, the company has been working to bring a genetically modified salmon to market, and last week finally received the long sought approval from the Food and Drug Administration to do so. The genetic modifications made to the salmon are essentially two fold.
Essentially, any survival advantage the fish might have enjoyed by growing at an unnaturally fast rate was offset by the stress caused by this same growth.But this alone was not sufficient for the FDA to give AquaBounty the green light. Living here really puts things in perspective and I understand that (if this is what our society is growing towards) our collective diet is not sustainable. The agency is taking public comments starting November 23rd pertaining to labeling requirements.One crucial thing that the announcement did not address is when this fish will be available for consumers in the country. That’s enough time for the CRISPR enzymes to do their job, and enough time for the embryo to get to the eight-cell blastula stage.
Firstly, AquaBounty added a growth hormone from the Chinook (or king) salmon, the largest of the Pacific salmon species to their hybrid species.
There was also a concern that the GE fish might mate with their natural relatives leading to an as yet untested hybrid organism. In response, AquaBounty added another genetic modification to the Frankenfish, an additional X chromosome that essentially made all the GE salmon sterile. There were 71 viable embryos left at this point, and of the 54 tested, 28 had the new gene sequences successfully edited in. Then they further accelerated the organism’s growth by adding a gene taken from ocean pout, an eel-like fish that can thrive in near-freezing waters. As another layer of protection, all the salmon were engineered to be female, further decreasing the possibility of natural reproduction. Sorry for not referencing and please fill in if you can but I read that a very large portion, about 60% of attrition in nature (if I’m correct) is due to meat (over)consumption. The result was a salmon that grows to be especially large in a record short amount of time. Bottom line is, it’s all just glue to hold the bottom 60% of the bell curve together. Moderation of consumption and choosing responsible sources is a must and not an excuse to feel self-righteous. That should be enough to give anyone pause for thought, and experiment, before the technique is taken mainstream.
I really think a lot of it is just force of habit and the fear of death more than anything.
Additionally, the researchers reported that a few of the embryos were so-called mosaics in the sense that some cells had the repaired gene and others did not.
What to think of the soy plantations stripping away Indonesia for instance or the mono cultures that span entire counties in the USA.

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