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The biggest issues with some of those cheeses is storing them in the fridge so that they don't permeate everything else. The best way to know if a cheese taste good is to put different cheese on a table outside and to count the number of flies on each cheese. I also enjoy a good stinky braunschweiger (pork liver sausage), though it is not a healthy choice.
Mohinga is a staple dish in Burma -- a noodle soup made with fish broth, shallots, the core of the banana tree, and chopped coriander.
Everyone is familiar with New York's legendary dirty water hot dogs, but the street carts that may be eclipsing the popularity of these beautifully soggy meats are the Halal Guys. There are 7000 street food vendors on the Malaysian island of Penang, so you won't have any trouble finding one of their most famous dishes, assam laksa, a sour fish curry soup. Gelato is one of those foods that's become trendy across the Atlantic, but nothing beats the authentic version of this Italian treat.
Thailand's street food carts seem to take up whole neighborhoods in this mecca of eclectic tastes. They look like doughnuts, but Moroccan sfenj are a bit more spongy -- they're made of an unsweetened dough with no milk or butter added, sometimes served coated in sugar, sometimes not. Arrival Story:We'd been looking for a dog for some time, and one day we decided to stop back by the rural shelter in Boone, Iowa, where we'd stopped the day before.
Wash the tangige (be sure it is fresh), then cubed the fish meat, season with chopped ginger, red onion, red chili, and calamansi or lemon juice. Burong Nasi (fermented rice for a week with combined raw tilapia or mudfish) that’s why it smells stinky. Geoduck or Gooey duck, are part of aquatic mollusk and have 3 kinds of gooey duck: the Gastropoda, Cepalopoda and Bivalvia commonly found in saltwaters.
Shark fin’s soup is a luxurious cuisine in China, and believed that eating this soup enhances hormones to human body. Buddha Jumps over the Wall or Fo Fiao Qiang, a variety of shark fin’s stew, delicacy in Canton and Fujian cuisine.
Morcilla Cocida or Spanish blood sausage, a delicious spicy sausage famous in Spain and Latin America.
The deboned whole chicken, stuff inside the duck, and thee deboned whole duck, and stuffed inside the whole turkey. Haggis recipe contains sheep’s internal organs such as liver, heart, lungs, and mixed with chopped onions, raw beef or mutton’s fat (suet), salt, spices, and stuffed in the sheep’s intestine as sausage, and simmer inside the animal’s stomach for 3 hours. The famous raw dish in Korea, the Sannakji is a live octopus prepared and cut alive in restaurants in Korea, and serve while moving and squirms in your table.
According to legend, the silkworm was discovered by a Chinese Empress, when the silkworm fell into her cup of tea.
The street foods in Beijing, China you can find barbecued starfish, scorpions and seahorses. The horseshoe crab belongs to the Arthropod family, living in shallow ocean waters on muddy or sandy bottom of the water.This crabs had no edible parts except the roe or the eggs.
The ‘Choudoufu’ or stinky tofu, looks like cubed-lemon custard and looks delicious, but when it passes your nose, it stinks like rotten fish.
Corn smut or corn fungus, are diseases of crops like corn, also called ‘huilacoche’ in Latin America. Snake wines are alcoholic drinks with infused whole snake inside the wine bottle, in grain alcohol and rice wine.
Mezcal Tequila, is a distilled alcohol drink, coming and produced by Maguey plants, a form of Agave plant, that grows in the dry land of Mexico.
Before we say goodbye to 2015, don’t forget to review the memorable moments we’ve been through again!
With bubble milk tea, tofu pudding or even stinky tofu there are so many more yummy dishes.

I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up!
It's a hollowed out bread loaf filled with various meat curries, and it's hugely popular in the South African city of Durban. Luckily, this delectable artery-clogger has made its way down south and it's not impossible to find poutine in the U.S. This heavily spiced chicken (allspice, thyme, chili peppers, ginger, onions) is left overnight to absorb all that flavor, then grilled over pimento wood to complete the smoky awesomeness. But it can be found in street carts all over the place, not just in Taiwan, but throughout Europe as well, in different variations. It is indeed, chicken and rice, but the chicken is cooked in quite a unique way: it is boiled in a stock and then put in ice-cold water, which turns the fat into a clear, jelly-like layer underneath the skin. You can add akyaw, which are fried fritters made of lentils or vegetables, and the soup is seasoned with turmeric and lemongrass.
It's German junk food, often eaten late at night when people are on their way home from the bars -- it's basically the equivalent of the LA street dog or the New York $1 pizza slice. There's a whole lot of variety in this department (India is a big country), but one of the most famous street cart dishes, bhel puri, can be found in Mumbai. They're corn cakes that resemble very thick tortillas, and they're grilled or baked, then stuffed with cheese, meat, and all kinds of goodness. They serve up middle eastern dishes: gyros, chicken, beef, falafel, with rice or as sandwiches, all with their famous red and white sauces. Shredded fish, veggies, mint leaves and ginger make up the soup, which is served over thick or thin rice noodles. In addition to skewered meats and cheesy bread, stands all along the beaches and boardwalks serve pastels -- doughy, deep-fried meat pockets.
Creamier and softer than the clearly inferior "ice cream," gelato comes in many different flavors but has only one purpose: to make you happy. But one dish that stands out for its ubiquitousness is phat kaphrao, which translates to "holy basil." It's a stir-fried meat dish made with basil. They're most often eaten for breakfast in the morning and then again in the late afternoon. There was Kelty (Dapple) sitting politely, looking up at me with that half a blue eye and a long, slow wag. So I searched in the internet various kinds of food that I could prepare for my family or my friends. Ningnang Bulig (grilled mudfish) and usually served with boiled eggplant, bittermelon (Ampalaya or amargoso) and fresh mustasa leaves.
Sea cucumbers are slimmy but a delicacy in some parts of the Philppines, Japan, Korea and China.
Geoducks are the larger form any clam family, that dig deeper into the sand, but because of long siphon you can pull them out from the mound of sand. The pork blood will become solid and coat with peanut powder and cilantro for aromatic result. The main ingredients are grilled cow or sheep’s intestine, herbs like cactus and Aloe Vera. Eating Sannakji should be chewed well, since the suction of the tentacles might stick in your mouth and throat. Snake are cooked as steak, but snakes had a lot of small bones, so it should be eaten slowly. This year, families around the world came to Taiwan and created many precious & loving memories!
This year, friends around the world experienced the wildest adventures & unique culture in Taiwan!
In this year, we embraced ocean & rivers, and found the most spectacular views from Taiwanese mountains.

I want to say that this article is amazing, nice written and come with almost all significant infos. The rice it's served with, is cooked in chicken fat, sesame oil and pandan, and it comes with soy and chili sauces for dipping. It's a savory-sweet combo of puffed rice, fried vermicelli noodles, veggies, and tamarind sauce.
It's a common street food in Vietnam-- a sandwich made with perfect French bread, some kind of meat (usually pork belly, sausage, grilled pork, pate, chicken, or sometimes eggs or tofu), vegetables (carrots, cucumber, cilantro, pickled daikon), a spicy sauce, and mayonnaise. There are several varieties of laksa, so maybe give yourself a week on the island so you can try them all.
Another dish they're famous for is "stinky tofu," which is exactly what it sounds like: pungent fermented tofu said to smell like garbage and taste like rotten meat. The basil leaves are fried along with minced pork, chicken, or seafood, garlic, and chilies, then tossed in fish sauce and some sugar.
She fits right into our family, she is just an all around awesome dog, even though she's a huge dork. In the Philippines, they clean the sea cucumber, remove the inner organs and blanch with hot water.
The skin and fins are removed and trim in in shape before drying the fins and skin sharks, using hydrogen peroxide. Recipes include sea cucumbers, abalone, scallops, shark fins, quail eggs, chicken, Jinhua ham, ginseng, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, taro and pork tendon, with 12 condiments and 30 ingredients. This African food are said to have disgusting taste, but when you are hungry, maybe you will have to eat this weird food.
And because of over production of silkworms, they are sold in local markets for frying, seasoning and boiling and eaten.
This Chinese Traditional wine can be found in China, not only in Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia. In a drinking group, whoever consume the bottle of Tequila is awarded to eat the larvae, that usually stays in the bottom of the bottle. Moreover, we met so many beautiful people:-) Thank you 2015, and we wish everyone a stunning 2016! I would maybe venture to say making this dish is Canada's biggest talent -- oh, and hockey. The dish is comprised of cut up sausage covered in spicy tomato sauce, and it's served either with french fries or bread (but why would you get bread when there are french fries).
We thought she was in heat when we adopted her, but when she went under the knife to get spayed it turned out she was actually pregnant with what would have been 12 puppies! Tourist from Korea, Taiwan and China go to Thailand’s restaurants just to eat this famous Bear Claw’s cuisine. It's a wonder this deep fried concoction hasn't made its way to the state and county fair circuit in small towns across the U.S. But the environmentalist are protesting this practice since the bears are being tortured before killing the bear infront of tourists diners, believing that it makes the bear meat taste better. We have also gathered that she's had some traumativ poo experiences, because she is mrtified of dog poo.
With much therapy and embarrasment, she is working through this issue, but meanwhile it's releiving to know that she'd rather implode than poop inappropriately.

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