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Officers shot a knife-wielding man after he threatened to kill a woman and stabbed another resident during a home-invasion in Garden Grove on Saturday, police said.
Once inside, the man grabbed a knife and threatened to kill a female resident, according to the release. Officers arrived at that point and confronted the intruder and shot him, the release stated. A witness said people attempted to help the man for about five minutes before an ambulance arrived.
The man was rushed to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead, according to the release. The officer-involved shooting was being investigated by Garden Grove police and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. We are under new management with a whole new look at Solara Apartment Homes, with a full interior and exterior renovation underway.
There are plenty of Hyatt Points + Cash award rates to be found, however, I found there were not many hotels where I would actually save money and get better value than choosing other lodging choices or simply paying the Hyatt rate. At the very least, Points + Cash awards allow a member to pay 50% points + a cash portion for each award night of a hotel stay.This essentially means you are buying points for a cash amount when booking a Hyatt Points + Cash stay.
The first thing to notice is category 1 and category 6 Points + Cash hotel awards are equivalent to buying Hyatt points for $20 per 1,000 points. Hyatt normally sells points for $24 per 1,000 points and the maximum number of points a member can purchase in a calendar year is 55,000 points. Hyatt Points + Cash Award gives good value compared to the $224 published rate for the hotel night at Hyatt Place Anaheim. First thing to know is you pay tax and fees on the cash portion of Hyatt Points + Cash reward nights. But I also need to keep in mind that this is actually a Hyatt Place hotel and not some swanky 4-star resort Hyatt. Paying 6,000 Hyatt points + $90 for a Hyatt Place does not seem like a great deal to me, even though the room rate is approaching $300 on a Saturday night. Hyatt Regency Orange County Garden Grove is a full service hotel and offers more benefits to me as a Hyatt Diamond elite than I can receive at a Hyatt Place.
Hyatt Regency Orange County Garden Grove hotel room saves $110 using 6,000 points, giving a points redemption value of $18.33 per 1,000 points.
Hyatt Regency Orange County charges $24 parking per day and there is a shuttle to Disneyland for a $5 per person daily fee.

Hyatt Regency Garden Grove is in a hotel complex a couple miles from Anaheim Convention Center as seen in my photo taken from Marriott Anaheim at Convention Center. This survey of Hyatt rates for Anaheim and the choice of standard rewards or Hyatt Points + Cash rewards highlights what I most commonly find with Hyatt Hotels.
Hyatt Gold Passport points have been on sale a couple times in 2015 for under $18 per 1,000 points. Hyatt House Cypress offers a suite for 4,000 points + $60 (after tax rate) and free parking. On the opposite end of the spectrum is a look at a high category high-priced hotel to see if this is where more Points + Cash value is found. Andaz Amsterdam Points + Cash saves $214 using 12,500 points and paying $136 for 12,500 points. Once again, this redemption value using Hyatt Points + Cash is nearly the same redemption value as the cost to buy points during a Hyatt sale.
My conclusion is it can be a good idea to buy Hyatt points when they drop below $18 per 1,000 points. I am sure there are some great redemption values using Hyatt Gold Passport Points + Cash rewards.
Ric Garrido of Monterey, California started Loyalty Traveler in 2006 for traveler education on hotel and air travel, primarily using frequent flyer and frequent guest loyalty programs for bargain travel. As you point out, you are buying points at the rates determined by the Points + Cash Award Table.
Therefore, you can simply look at that discount, and if it is greater than the purchase price for the points, you are getting a good deal. Don’t know if it is still the case, but the Hyatt Regency OC used to be available just about all of the time on Priceline and for somewhere between 25 and 50% of the asking price. They told police that the man said he was being chased and had asked them to let him inside. He then stabbed a male resident in the arm who had armed himself with a shotgun, police said. Hyatt Gold Passport Category 2 to category 6 hotels have better purchase rates for Points + Cash award nights.
Hyatt Gold Passport periodically runs specials for points purchases at 25% discount, meaning the price is $18.75 per 1,000 points, although in 2015 the favored promotion has been bonus points offers for Hyatt Gold Passport points purchases. I have never paid $300 for a room night and I don’t think I’ll start that trend with Hyatt Points + Cash category 7 awards.

What kind of deal does Hyatt Points + Cash offer me for a discount hotel stay at its three hotels in the Anaheim area?
While this rate is slightly higher than some of the Hyatt buy points rates offered in 2015, the primary advantage to Points + Cash over a standard reward stay for 12,000 points per night is the opportunity to use a Diamond suite upgrade on a Points + Cash stay, while also conserving Hyatt Gold Passport points.
Spending 4,000 points for the points portion of a Points + Cash reward saves $67 compared to AAA rate for a Hyatt points redemption value of $16.75 per 1,000 points. I generally do not find solidly great deals for Hyatt Gold Passport Points + Cash rewards for my hotel stays. None of these three hotels in Anaheim offer a great redemption value for the dates of my stay.
This makes transportation to Disney a $15 per day rate to take the shuttle compared to $10 to pick up a shuttle to Disney from the other two Hyatt hotels, on top of their hotel daily parking fee. This gives the member points to book Hyatt Points + Cash reward nights at a rate close to the common redemption value for Hyatt Gold Passport points with Points + Cash rewards. But you are also selling those points back to Hyatt, as part of the same transaction, for a discount on the room rate. The fact that a basic room at Hyatt Place is $250 and Hyatt Regency is $200 for a suite puts the whole scenario out of wack. Rather than type up a quick 39th article to post on Loyalty Traveler, I spent part of yesterday looking for hotels where I could book a Points + Cash hotel to save some of my Hyatt points and money. The added value of Hyatt category 3 Points + Cash reward nights at this hotel is the opportunity to use Diamond elite suite upgrades. This Points + Cash stay also is eligible for Hyatt Gold Passport promotions, although there are no global promotions for bonus points with HGP at the present time. The redemption value for points is often right around the same rate that I can buy Hyatt points during a good sale. The main choice here is whether to go with a Hyatt Regency stay on Points+ Cash and use a Diamond Elite Upgrade to book a suite for 6,000 points + $90 or stay at Hyatt House and pay $127 per night and simply earn points without burning points.
There is also the difference between receiving 1,000 points for a Diamond welcome amenity at Hyatt Regency compared to 500 points for Hyatt Place and little upgrade potential. The best attribute for Hyatt Points + Cash stays compared to standard rewards is the opportunity to earn promotion bonuses and use Diamond suite upgrades on these award stays, while conserving points.

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