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Added after giving this issue much thought: I think I know why he refuses to drink stored breast milk from the bottle!
Hello, my name is Grace and I’m a 30-something expat mom living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Resistant eaters are different, they won’t “grow out of it” and most if left to “starve it out” (a well meaning parent strategy), will refuse to eat for days.
If your child is more of a behavioural fussy or picky eater (in the middle of that continuum above), then here are some simple strategies you can try with them at home.
If you find that your child is not progressing, then I suggest you ring a Paediatric Feeding Speech Pathologist (like us at Let’s Eat! If you are concerned about your child not tracking along their weight and height growth charts because of his eating behaviours, then I encourage you to contact both a Paed Speech Pathologist and Paed Dietitian as well as discuss this further with your GP. Valerie is an Australian based Speech Pathologist with 10 years experience in Paediatric Feeding. Contact UsYou may contact us by filling in this form any time you need professional support or have any questions. He is very aware of Mommy and Daddy, and calls for each of us, especially at night when he is refusing to sleep! He also loves his cuddle time with Daddy, and sometimes he asks for Daddy at night instead of Mommy.
His top two front teeth have just cut through his gums, making sleep elusive this past week.
I love your silly old man laugh, and how you giggle and squeal with glee when I get you out of your crib in the morning. He used to drink lots of it, prompting me to maniacally pump in the office and go home during my lunch break just to deliver the goods.
I suppose since he still has a healthy appetite and is eating solid foods, it’s nothing you should REALLY worry about.
Fussy eating is a stage that most toddlers go through between the ages of 10 months and 3 years (a term called neophobia). That’s because their feeding difficulties are not related to behaviour but rather linked with sensory disorders, oral-motor difficulties, food intolerances and even medical disorders like reflux.
If you feel your child presents with more than one of these characteristics, then please contact a Paediatric Feeding Speech Pathologist and Paediatric Occupational Therapist who can develop an individualised feeding program.

When plating up at mealtimes, repeat a mantra to yourself: it is up to you to decide what is served at mealtimes but it is up to your child to decide how much he eats. Don’t force feed – my eldest son was a fussy eater and I can’t tell you how many times I tried and then stopped myself from putting something in his mouth – don’t!
When plating your child’s meal – put foods that you know he will accept and then add one new food on his plate. I loved divided plates because they reduce a child’s anxiety when a new food might “touch” their familiar foods.
On that note, don’t criticise either, if your child doesn’t want to eat the new food, don’t tell daddy about it (in front of your child) when he gets home.
Children eat through modelling so if you are eating a packet of chips, guess what they will want?
It is not meant or intended to replace Speech Pathology assessment and management nor medical or nutritional care for a child. Last night he only woke me up once, which was a welcome change from the 3-4 times he was doing. We had one very willful episode of a potty tantrum at the gym daycare, that ended with poop on the ground.
I love your excitement over your accomplishments, and the way you just can’t wait to go play. It seems like everyone has an opinion on fussy eating and parents frequently feel like they have to trawl through the internet looking for strategies before seeking any professional help.
No pressure must be placed on your child to choose what he eats on his plate and how much he eats. A child needs to be able to touch, feel and smell food before they can feel safe to put it in their mouth. If you think your child would benefit from one, have a look around, most supermarkets stock them for a few dollars.
If you feel that your child has sensory feeding issues, it might be beneficial for your Speech Pathologist to work with an Occupational Therapist. It is recommended that you discuss any concerns or questions you might have with your Speech Pathologist and managing Doctor and develop an individualised team plan specifically for your child. Paediatric Speech Pathology’ that caters for Newcastle based babies and children with feeding difficulties and early intervention language delays. You wiggle and squirm out of my grasp, but you always come back for snuggles when you get sleepy.

Follow along with me as I write about everything from my journey through marriage, parenting, and my attempts at DIY home improvements and crafts. He is turning one at the end of the month and I do not have plans of weaning him off the boob, yet. His weight is normal, loves his solid foods and is a mess if not fed on time (little hungry boys are scary). After that, when he sees white liquid on the bottle, something tells me he thinks it might be formula milk! Some parents find that with some general behavioural strategies their toddlers start being more open to the idea of trying new foods. If they are growing well and their eating doesn’t seem to present with any functional issues, then you can make the choice as a parent whether to change their feeding patterns or not. Gone are the days where you have to finish your plate before leaving the table, we know that this does not teach children to stop eating when their brain sends them signals that they are full. So as long as your child isn’t throwing food off the table or at his siblings, put a mess mat under chair and let him go for it.
Valerie is passionate about working in the area of paediatric feeding and special needs and has been involved in the teaching and training of Australian Speech Pathology University students and allied health professionals. He keeps trying to let go while he wobbles along, and I know his first true independent steps are just around the corner. Potties in the toilet have been better and better, and I’m so impressed when he manages to hold it during our walks, and then signs clearly to go. I love the new shy stage you’re going through, where you burrow your little head in my shoulder and check in with me before approaching strangers. Not letting a child develop these brain messages may lead to a risk of obesity down the track.
Go to the park, sit down together and enjoy a meal – what perfect “normal” modelling eating practice (with no stress) for your child.

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