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Try RateSetter, a P2P lender offering savers rates of up to 6.1% and earn an extra ?25 as a welcome bonus! Hi Dave, and welcome to the forum - it's good to hear from you.With one thing and another I've had very few running sessions this year and last week was the first time in around a month or more that anything has completed a full circuit. Hi MickI've been reading your detailed information and gradual progress on your railway during the past year with the knowledge that I would be retiring and downsizing. With the arrival of a new Bachmann class 105 DMU I thought it was about time that I cleaned the dust off the rails and had some trains running round the garden again. After todays running session I had hoped to be able to include a few photographs alongside the 2 videos but my photographic skills appear to have deserted me and I've salvaged just one single image that I feel is of sufficient quality to publish online here.The photo was taken towards the end of the running session after I had attached 37692 'The Lass O'Ballochmyle' to the front of the Rail Express pairing of 37501 and 37502. Documenting the construction development and surgery of the OO estimate Selby of the SGR layout wasn’t the close for our OO guess Garden Railway Forum railroad upon which I seat operate my ontogenesis.
Levington modelling railroad line Very nice OO gauge layout plant on New railway line Modellers.
After two or three years of deliberation I have finally taken the plunge and built a new extension to my now well established garden railway.
I'm working on a new video at the moment, it will illustrate the construction of the branch line. I'm happy with the track unballasted and it is far easier to keep the track clean and replace sections of it when needed without carving up ballast.

This train has some issues so please read all this before bidding as I don’t want anyone to be upset.
Keeping the present wooden viaduct protected against the elements is becoming a chore and it's almost impossible to keep it totally dry as it attracts damp from the ground beneath.
Just wanted to say a quick thanks for this inspirational thread!I'm thinking about building a OO layout outdoors in the new house we've (nearly) bought. However, despite the absence of trains I was pleased to find that a quick brush to clear standing debris, some cutting back of overgrown vegetation and a wipe round with a track rubber was sufficient to get trains moving again.I've found myself yearning for more operational interest and have been considering incorporating a simple station with platform lines so that trains can be brought to a stand while other trains are allowed to pass by. Got some planning to do to figure out what scenic items I want to include and if I can get any scale alpine plants in and around it - but half the fun is in the planning, right? It was a nice morning, the kids are all back at school and so what better time could there be.The class 105 DMU along with 3 x class 37's that I had also decided to test run have all yet to be fitted with DCC chips so one line of the Selby Garden Railway was switched over to standard DC running while a pair of DCC fitted class 20's were left circling the opposite line to add a bit of additional viewing interest. There's more than enough haulage capability among those three to haul the few ballast hoppers around.I'm a big admirer of the class 37 loco even though its simply a visual and audible appeal that I have for them.
In this lense I’m going to render you how to quickly build a realistic endorse yard or garden scene for axerophthol advanced image model railway system operating theatre model railway layout. Hope to get the video uploaded by the end of this week unless it's warm & sunny, in which case I will be in the garden running trains! After seeing some examples of naturally weathered 'concrete' viaducts I've started to think that's the way I'd like to go. I'm not entirely sure where this would be constructed but I do want to replace the wooden viaduct with something that is weather resistant so if I don't get round to making a concrete construction soon then perhaps the station can take its place.
My wife thinks I'm mad, and she might be right, because I can see the lights of my HST running along the back fence in the dark already, and we don't even have the house, yet!
Videos are very useful for making a record of your progress and are extremely interesting to look back over at a later date. The 105 looks a very nice model although I feel the trailing coach could do with a bit of additional weight - it does seem remarkably light. I like to see them and I love to hear them but at this point I perhaps ought to admit that I haven't a clue regarding the differences that exist between the different sub-classes.
The new line is called the Brinkfield branch and is a single track line with a small terminus at the end called Brinkfield.1.
Although a viaduct was an essential when I first set out I've never been 100% happy with the wooden construction. I like the viaduct but if it is to remain then it will have to be reproduced in concrete form. I have decided that it is going to need to be elevated three or four feet up and be a long run against the back fence, with a loop at either end, initially, giving me a single loop that looks like a double line. It's certainly worthwhile to make and keep a record of your progress in whatever format you decide is most appropriate so you really don't need to ask for my permission before starting your own thread here - I would be more than pleased for you to do so.I really must devote some time to my outdoor line again - it has been somewhat neglected this summer but school holidays aren't the best time to have trains running alongside the perimeter fence so now that schools are back in term it might be possible to have some running sessions before the weather prohibits them for the winter time. In operation it ran superbly straight from the box.The 2 Bachmann class 37's were released as a Limited Edition by Rail Express magazine and depict 37501 'Teeside Steelmaster' and 37502 'British Steel Teeside'.
I know that there are differences to the nose ends but they're all still simply class 37s to me. Probably have 00 gauge points outdoors posted in Outdoor mold Railways I have Street as this layout was built in the plump for garden Indiana Sutton Coldfield.
I have also tried foam ballast but this holds the damp in when it rains then dries out and turns to powder within months. A 9V battery can be put in the tender to produce sound and I’m told it can produce real smoke! Apart from the task of ensuring it's protected from the elements as necessary, the top surface which forms the trackbed has never been perfectly level and this is quite apparent in video shots.
I'm not in a hurry to make any final decision just yet.The embankments at the top of the circuit which I had built up with some surplus soil have sprouted a lot of weeds which, although normally unwanted around the garden, do actually look quite the part. I've had these for more than a year but this is the first time they've been out of the box - not even being previously test run so I was very pleased to discover that they work perfectly. I'm happy with things that way - there's nothing wrong with a little ignorance from time to time.I'm not sure if it's just because they were running at a nice steady pace or what, but on the above video of the 2 class 37s I was really pleased with the way they appeared to ride along.

The May 2012 issue of British Railway Modelling magazine contains axerophthol full sport on this amazing layout.
I've not been happy with the coating of exterior Polyfilla either which has now begun to crumble away in some areas.
I don't wish to keep them for ever but until I get round to making more permanent plantings then I don't see why they shouldn't suffice. Towards the end of the short running session I added another previously unused loco, 37692 'The Lass O'Ballochmyle' to the head of the train.
There are times when they really do look like a pair of class 37s coupled together and bouncing around on their suspension.
They are a bit of a trip down memory lane for me and I love the essentially British Railway look about them.
When I bought the train I was told that when running an oily substance can be added and the train will produce smoke but at some point this got hot and caused some distortion to the plastic as shown in the picture just behind the chimney. Rebuilding will be an inconvenience but any disruption shouldn't be for too long and so while there's still some summer remaining I think I'll give it a go.I intend to keep to the same or at least a very similar design with arches to either side of an overbridge section (as this allows my dog access to the garden).
If I can find the time then I'll try to upload a recent video taken in that area.OO is a good choice outdoors and you'll certainly not be disappointed. 37692 is another limited edition model and is depicted in my favourite 'Coal' sector livery. They are simply excellent locomotives for working a garden railway and of course they are such a versatile engine that they could be see hauling almost any kind of traffic. I have considered the possibility of adding stone or brick courses to the fascia but I rather think this is best suited to an indoor construction where such detail is more important. There's a degree of negativity for 4mm scale outside but almost every obstacle or argument against it can be reliably overcome. Now all I need are some more class 37 sound chips!A video showing the class 37's in action along with one of the 105 DMU can be found below. When I first got the train it did run ok for a while but after a short time the train stopped moving but the motor was still running, I opened it up and had a quick look and think that one of the gears was not meshing properly and this still requires attention. I like to think that the pros far outweigh the cons and when you see your first scale length train making its way round the garden you'll be pleased with your decision to go ahead. The standard Bachmann 20s are both sound-fitted examples but they have a somewhat annoying 'whistling' sound and are destined to be sent for re-blowing soon. The light on the front of the engine is there but the cover clips are broken, hence the pictures showing it both on and off. I really do like to see the two class 20s working together - hopefully they'll soon be sounding as good as they look.The second photo shows a Bachmann class 37 37693, another sound-fitted example, hauling a short ballast train onto the viaduct. I am also constructing a pub to put in front of the station (every layout needs a pub!)3) A view looking towards the new station with the existing line running below on the left.
The 37 sounds okay but is rather quiet out in the garden and so this may also be heading for a re-blow later. Trains cannot run directly on to the branch line without reversing in the station creating a realistic operational feature and making the branch line completely self contained.5) Class 25 slows past the fixed distant signal ahead of the buffer stops at BrinkfieldSo there you have it! I think that covers everything but I would ask that only people who are happy to have a tinker bid as I don’t want a shirty email that the train doesn’t work the moment you open the package! If you have any questions please feel free to ask, anything else you can see in the pictures is not included just the loco. It is still a work in progress so I will post another update when more work has taken place.

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