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Probably all of us have sometimes suffered from certain skin issue, whether it be wrinkles, acne, blemishes, hypersensitivities or dark spots all over the face. Luckily, apart from the cosmetic procedures, we have numerous natural alternatives to choose and to enjoy their extremely beneficial effects for treatment of these skin conditions. One of these alternatives is to use guava leaves, which are very effective in cases of skin issues. The American Journal of Chinese Medicine published a study which revealed that guava leaves are highly beneficial against microscopic organisms causing acne, since they possess extremely powerful antibacterial properties.
Guava leaves can also be used in treatments of blemishes such as red and dark spots on your face.
With sensitive skin the best way to get rid of acne is to clean the skin getting rid of the extra oil and cleaning out the clogged pores. It can be very difficult to find an acne treatment that would work on your sensitive skin and not irritate it. Hypo-allergenic cleansers won’t be scented, have irritating dyes or abrasive cleansers and are gentler on sensitive skin.
Using gentler cleansers with natural ingredients will help your skin to clear up and won’t get irritated. The ingredients on our watchdog list for acne-prone skin can do anything from clog pores to cause sensitivity. Having sensitive skin if you were to use normal acne treatments it would get rid of the acne but your skin would become irritated which is often worse than the acne itself.

The main problem with sensitive skin is that the products used to treat acne causes skin irritation. Your skin may be more sensitive to one thing more than another and you may need to find what gives your skin the best results.
Being in the sun can make your skin look blotchy, so avoid being in too much sunlight and wear hats and stay in the shade as much as possible. But taking care of your sensitive skin with gentler approaches to acne you will be able to have clear skin and no irritation.
Instead of using the common acne treatments there are many acne treatment for sensitive skin that are homemade and natural or products that are specific to sensitive skin. A sea salt and olive oil facial scrub can help get rid of acne and still be gentle on your sensitive skin.
It contains oleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid and stearic fatty acids, all which are good for your skin.The cosmetic uses of grape seed oil make it a favorite with all. If you suffer from irritation on the skin, applying grape seed oil is a good way to get rid of the irritation.
You can reduce dark circles around your eyes and lighten the scars on your skin by applying this oil regularly. It also helps in tightening the skin because of the presence of certain substances in it like the linoleic acid. So it is more common in teenagers, although other age groups also suffer from it.You can treat acne in many ways like using abrasives, antibiotics and chemicals.

This will help in curing acne if used regularly.Grape seed oil is rich in linoleic acid, which is good for the skin.
It is also excellent for curing various problems of the skin including acne.As mentioned earlier, the main reason for acne to appear is the clogged pores. So, by applying this oil regularly on your face, you and prevent the appearance of acne and get a clear skin.The anti-inflammatory properties of grape seed oil help curing acne and also prevent acne breakouts in future.
So you can use it daily and it will not harm your skin in any way as other products that contain chemicals may do. People of all age groups can use this oil and enjoy its benefits.To teat acne, all you have to do is to take a few drops of the oil on your finger tips and apply it on your face.
If you are allergic to grapes, you may not be able to use grape seed oil as it may also cause you allergy. People who are on medication for high pressure and cholesterol are recommended to consult their doctor before using grape seed oil for medicinal purposes.So, now that you have seen the various benefits of grape seed oil and how it helps in curing acne, use it regularly and say goodbye to acne. This oil is much cheaper than the skin care products that you get in the market and treats your skin in a natural way.

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