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Not only does the mother go through multiple changes during the first trimester, the baby does as well. By the end of the second trimester the baby will be moving around in the amniotic fluid, and the baby will begin breathing. All of the symptoms and changes mentioned above are natural and expected for a pregnant woman and her fetus. The second trimester is an exciting time: you start to look pregnant, your energy returns, and hopefully morning sickness is a thing of the past. Toward the end of your second trimester your physician will likely order some tests, like a glucose tolerance test to screen for gestational diabetes, and an Rh incompatibility screening. During the second trimester, your baby grows very rapidly, and his arms and legs become well-developed and strong.
In case of a normal pregnancy, usually between 16th to 20th weeks, a routine ultrasound scan is advised to find out the proper growth of child and position of placenta. An amniocentesis is carried during 14th to 18th week or later to detect the abnormality in the baby.
If you are overweight, there are chances of rise in blood pressure and blood sugar; discomfort on mild exertion, post-operative complications, delayed wound healing, difficult vaginal deliveries, difficulty in shedding extra weight during pregnancy and after the delivery. Do not exercise if the doctor has suggested bed rest or you are suffering from high blood pressure, heart problem and bleeding or spotting during pregnancy. During this trimester, the appetite returns and mother as well as the baby need nourishing diet.

Although a lot of the physical symptoms present during the first trimester —tenderness of the breasts, morning sickness, and cramping—have started to go away during the second trimester, there are a few new physical changes that the mother will experience. If you are pregnant and are experiencing abnormal abdominal pains or cramps, spotting, or extremely intensified versions of the symptoms described above, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. We suggest that you register for any classes you are interested in taking by your fifth month of pregnancy (unless indicated otherwise) to ensure you have the best selection of dates and times to fit your schedule. The baby's external genitalia will begin to form, but they will not be complete until well into the second trimester. She will start to notice that her belly is growing and she is starting to look more like a pregnant woman. You should also make sure to get regular examinations during the entirety of your pregnancy. By the end of the second trimester, the baby is almost fully formed but the lungs need to develop further and the baby needs to put on more fat and weight before delivery day. Francis attend this free, 30-minute session that includes a walking tour of the Labor and Delivery area and an overview of what to expect during your hospital stay.
After her missed period a woman may begin to experience the emotional aspects of the pregnancy such as mood swings and exhaustion. By the end of the first trimester, a woman should be able to listen to her baby's heart beat.
The fact that they are so uncomfortable and have such painful back problems makes it hard for many women to sleep during this period.

Braxton-Hicks contractions are relatively painless contractions experienced throughout pregnancy that are not associated with going into labor. In this post, we tell you few simple and safe exercises that you can do easily at your home!While the second term of your pregnancy is exciting, it is also quite taxing physically. The heartburn usually continues during the third trimester, so women should watch what they eat during these three months.
By the end of the third trimester the baby will be ready for life outside his or her mother's uterus. If you want any additional information, you can click here for an important list of ressources and phone numbers about pregnancy. This is normal when a woman is close to the end of her pregnancy and she is ready to start breast-feeding.
However, exercising the right way can give you that much needed boost of energy.There are a few exercises you can safely do throughout your pregnancy like walking and little bit of stretching. These are all very common and normal symptoms of pregnancy, hence there is no cause for concern. The mother will probably still have mood swings during this period, but they are not as severe as in the first and third trimesters.

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