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The symptoms of anemia don’t usually come to light in the initial stages, but as anemia progresses there is marked increase in the symptoms. It is the most common symptom that occurs because of lack of oxygen supply to the muscles of the body. One of the prominent symptoms of anemia in women is having late periods or periods at irregular intervals. When the oxygen content in the blood is low, the brain does not receive sufficient amount of oxygen. The extremities of your body like fingers and toe tips are the most distal areas of the body with the least blood supply.
This medical condition occurs when a person has low concentration of hemoglobin in the blood.
This means the cells in the affected woman’s body will not receive sufficient oxygen, leading to several health problems. The brain needs almost 20% of the body’s oxygen supply and when this demand is not met with, there might be complications like dizziness and fainting spells often.
Although this symptom is not immediately apparent, patients with anemia will start experiencing increased hair loss in 2-3 months time. With an already compromised oxygen transport system, your extremities might feel a few degrees lower than your normal body temperature and may end up feeling cold or numb. In iron deficiency anemia, the onset of symptoms is gradual and most women ignore the signs saying there are just minor aches or fatigues.

Irrespective of all types of anemia and factors that trigger this condition, a person who is anemic exhibits extreme levels of lethargy, fatigue, dyspepsia, malaise, and poor concentration. Women suffering from anemia are thus unable to work for long hours and need rest at frequent intervals. In addition to causing late periods, anemia can also cause irregular symptoms of the periods itself. Women also tend to experience leg cramps very often, especially during their menstrual cycle. But if you notice paleness in your extremities and you tend to feel cold at all times, you should consult your doctor to know what is exactly wrong with you.
In addition to feel dizzy quite often, many women also experience severe restless and asthmatic attacks when they are anemic. They feel exhausted, especially when they have menstrual cycles and when there is increased blood loss. Women working out at the gym or when they dance tend to feel unusually fast heart beats and palpitations, accompanied by sweating and dizziness. However, there are certain home remedies for anemia that could actually do wonders in nourishing back your health. The blood doesn’t contain enough haemoglobin to facilitate your entire body for its oxygen demand.

Breads, pastas, lentils, molasses, and liver, when eaten in moderation can help you get enough Iron for the body to battle this simple war within your body. Studies suggest that a cold water bath helps the body reach an ideal temperature needed for the proper flow of blood to all parts of the body.4. Seek Masseurs:A good massage improves the quality and quantity of blood pumped by your heart. A steaming cauldron of drumstick sambar will satiate your taste buds and fight the deficiency! As researchers say all the symptoms of anemia could be diverted and later eradicated by continuously being in a state of active threshold. Hence, do what your heart beckons you to, be it shopping, reading, or even just listening to music!

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