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There are two general types of acne scars, defined by tissue response to inflammation: (1) scars caused by increased tissue formation, and (2) scars caused by loss of tissue.
Scars Caused by Increased Tissue Formation The scars caused by increased tissue formation are called keloids or hypertrophic scars.
The typical keloid or hypertrophic scar is 1 to 2 millimeters in diameter, but some may be 1 centimeter or larger. Scars Caused by Loss of Tissue Acne scars associated with loss of tissue—similar to scars that result from chicken pox—are more common than keloids and hypertrophic scars. Follicular macular atrophy is more likely to occur on the chest or back of a person with acne.
Perhaps you are dealing with acne scars and are wondering if there is a way in which you can actually get to eliminate those ugly acne scars. There are different types of acne scars with some being permanent while others can actually go away after a period of time. Dealing with acne scars is usually a personal decision and whereas some people fight tooth and nail to have them removed, there are those people who care less about them and choose not to do anything.
Dermabrasion: This is an effective acne scar removal method that uses high speed brushes for the resurfacing of your skin in order to reduce those deep scars and healing usually takes a few days after the treatment. Chemical peels: This type of acne scar removal treatment is popular with the treatment of shallow acne scars and is administered by the doctor applying a chemical on the skin so as to remove the outer dead kin leaving room for the development of new skin. Oily skin acne treatmentPeople with oily skin are most prone to acne outbreaks and for them once an outbreak occurs it is somehow so visible it becomes difficult to ignore them.

Cystic acne treatmentCystic acne is an extremely serious form of acne and which can be extremely painful.
Best treatment for acne scarsAcne scars serve as reminders that once upon a time you had some serious skin trouble but it left behind marks as a constant reminder. Acne treatment for dark skinned peopleAcne does not discriminate and it affects people of all races and skin colors. How to treat acne outbreaksLearn how you are going to treat acne outbreaks effectively and secure your freedom from acne.
Working with OTC acne treatmentThere are several OTC products that you can safely use and you will be done with your acne treatment. How to treat adult acneIf you thought that acne ends once you become an adult you are in for a surprise; adults also get acne breakouts and it can happen anytime even beyond the forties. The best treatment for acneAcne can be treated with a number of optional treatment methods and when it comes to prescription medicine you need to have a way of knowing how to choose the best. They are soft, often with a slightly wrinkled base, and may be bluish in appearance due to blood vessels lying just under the scar. The trouble with acne scars is that they become a constant reminder of painful and embarrassing past when you had to deal with acne during your teenage years. Once in a while when acne scars heal they leave a patch of discolored skin which is also called post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. These scars are also called keloids and are caused due to the excessive production of collagen in the underlying skin.

Treatment for this type of acne can be long but the good news is that it is very treatable. However, it appears like dark skinned people face some specific side effects when they use different treatments for acne. Over time, these scars change from bluish to ivory white in color in white-skinned people, and become much less obvious.
There are different acne scar treatments that can help you get your smooth skin once again. The excess collagen becomes piled up in fibrous masses, resulting in a characteristic firm, smooth, usually irregularly-shaped scar. Soft scars can be improved by stretching the skin; hard ice-pick scars cannot be stretched out.
Whereas some acne scar treatments may not be a total solution they can actually assist you cover them up so that they don’t become too obvious for everyone who looks at you.

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