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I have naturally dry skin (proof that you can be non-oily and acne-prone, regardless of what skin care commercials might have you believe), so a couple of days into my newest experiment my skin was dry and flaky. The great fact witnesss the societySanish Nhemhafuki: My life was formerly wrecked because of acne breakouts for ages.
Since some of my blemishes were of the cystic, lurking-under-the-skin type, I realized (after some research) that my acne might be related to my hormones.

Since my skin felt better (less tight) when I used products, I decided to try a gentle cleanser and moisturizer, but to leave out the acne treatments since they seem to make my skin angry.
Afterward I was alerted to the Acne Executioner blog (Google it) and I had eventually unearthed something that has worked.
I also tried eating chicken butts (seriously), which some people believe help heal the skin due to the hormones.

I even rubbed garlic on my acne, since people say it's antimicrobial and claim it helps kill the bacteria.

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