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If you do suffer from acne, regardless of how old you are, this can be a distressing problem and one you’ll be keen to solve. Eating a balanced diet is good at any time, but be sure to do this if you have acne problems. If you have got scars or pockmarks from scratching or squeezing spots, there are several remedies you should try before looking to more surgical or chemical methods to lessen them.
If you do feel you need to look further into treating acne scars, then there are various cosmetic surgery and non-surgical options available, not just for treating scars caused by spots but also chicken pox etc. Feeling like you need to spend a lot of time on your appearance or just unhappy in general at how you look (however undeserved) can put a downer on the whole day ahead, so when you have a condition like acne, this feeling can intensify.

Facial cleaning routines are really important when it comes to keeping acne under control, as clogged pores are one of the most common causes. If this happens, be sure to moisturize – dry skin can be really sore, so daily moisturizing will help to prevent against skin peeling and dry skin issues. If you are a “picker” of spots, try to avoid this, as this can cause quite deep scarring and pockmarked skin later in life.
Foods including fatty fishes, red grapes, nuts and garlic are all good for the skin and body is different ways, and together form part of a balanced diet.
Be sure to use two products if you have combination skin – gel for oily parts, and cream for drier parts.

In addition, drinking a lot of water is important to help keeping the skin hydrated, which will also work to prevent against and keep acne at a minimum. Laser therapies can also be accompanied with enzyme acne treatments or skin peels, if spots still exist on the skin.

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