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In order to measure any changes in my skin statistically rather than subjectively, I went to see Nick Miedzianowski-Sinclair at the 3D Cosmetic Imaging Studio, based at the Queen Anne Medical Centre just off Harley Street. PAINFULLY PARCHEDThe camera showed that the surface texture of my skin was around ten per cent worse (i.e.
This meant that even less oxygen would get to the skin here, which would magnify any problems that the lingering make-up might have caused.According to Dr Williams, the decline in texture was almost certainly down to me skipping my twice-daily moisturising routine.
On any given evening, my 'to do' list (which can be tackled only once the children, aged four and seven, are asleep at 8.30pm) includes loading and unloading the dishwasher (several times), tidying toys away and answering emails.
I would give my face a cursory wash in the shower each morning but I would be allowed to use none of my usual cleansing creams, and would have to reapply new make-up over the remnants of the old each day. This resulted in seriously parched skin, a fact proven by Nick's other tests, which showed a five per cent drop in moisture levels.

I'm all for experimentation, but not if it actually blinds me.As weeks progressed, my lips became dry and my skin cracked painfully at the corners of my mouth. Dr Williams told me this redness was a sign of irritation in the skin.'Sleeping in make-up,' she warned, 'has an occlusive effect (it forms a barrier over the surface of the skin).
I had developed a series of tiny white cysts around my eyelashes and my skin was so dry and taut, it felt like a mask. I had developed an intense aversion to mascara application and feared I may have done permanent damage to my skin. She also believes that this dryness would have been compounded by environmental pollutants sticking to the make-up, causing what is known as oxidative stress, where skin is attacked by harmful free radicals.
Yet those very same women did so despite believing that skipping their skincare routine before bedtime would give them spots, dry their skin and make their eyelashes brittle.

By the weekend, a few friends had commented that I was looking tired.Close inspection of my skin in a magnifying mirror revealed the surface had become flaky and lumpy, a bit like a badly plastered wall.
I had visibly blocked and enlarged pores all over my nose, dry skin across my lips and cheeks and red eyelids.

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