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An analysis of more than 100 patients has confirmed for the first time that darker-skinned patients benefit as those with lighter skin when given light therapy for morphea and related diseases, UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers show. Phototherapy is the use of ultraviolet light to treat skin disorders, ranging from common problems such as acne and psoriasis to rarer conditions such as scleroderma and morphea, a hardening of the skin.
Some clinical observations have suggested that darker skin may not respond as well to light therapy, but the new data indicate that skin type does not significantly influence the effectiveness of UVA1 phototherapy, said Dr.
Patients with diseases such as morphea respond better when treated earlier in the course of the disease, so it’s important to know whether a particular treatment such as light therapy is useful.

March 8, 2009 by Louanna Leave a Comment In doing more research on acne and diet, I came across another article last night on WebMD. Certainly, no one who profits from selling an acne treatment of any kind is going to tell you the cure.
To my knowledge there has been no recent formal research into the link between Vitamin D3 deficiency and acne vulgaris, but when they find it, I doubt it will be widely publicized, because Vitamin D3 is dirt cheap, too. After 12 weeks, those following the high protein, low GL diet had over a 50% reduction of acne lesions.

The Teenage Anti-Acne Diet Booklet – The doctors who did this study created this booklet to help parents implement a high protein, low GL diet for their teenagers. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only.

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