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The increase in hormone levels during pregnancy is the main cause of many of the physical changes during that pregnancy. Preventing  Acne During PregnancyThere is very little a woman can do to completely prevent the acne breakouts that happen during pregnancy. The pregnancy changes in the body are not always beautiful, but rest assured the sebaceous glands will return to normal excretion levels after the baby is born and skin conditions will clear.

As stated before, with more than 30,000 skin cells shedding every day, no matter how many times the face is washed the skin shells will shed and potentially clog a pore.
These include washing the face properly, using the right moisturizers, gentle drying and allowing nature to take its course.
Popping the pimples or squeezing the blemishes will only increase irritation and increase the potential for scarring after the wound heals. Women who are pregnant can rest assured they are not alone in the fight against acne as many women face the same breakouts while pregnant.

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