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Avoid sugar and soda (diet soda) as they are acidic and causes stress to the skin thereby causing acne formation. Food for Clear Skin: Along with these things, we should also make an effort to eat healthier foods to help the body fight acne from inside. Exercise: Exercise and good sleep is also very important to keep your skin healthy and young looking. Mint Juice for Black and White Heads: Mint juice is effective in treating all type of skin infections.

Medications Available for Clear Skin: Mild acne can be controlled with creams and pills rich in Benzoyl peroxide, topical antibiotics, Retinoids and azelic acid. It is seen that applying clay mask to your face and keeping it for an hour or so will reduce the blemishes to a great level. Following these steps you are sure to have a clear glowing and healthy skin every morning you get up without any acne or blemishes. So apply the clay mask everyday for about an hour in order to see marked changes in your skin.

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