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Before you choose the best facial cleanser to add to your daily skin care routine, you must determine your skin type. This skin type is even and smooth and is the skin type we all wish we had, as it is almost problem-free. Do not wash your face with body soap as it will take natural oils and moisture out of the skin. Do not use alcohol based or anti bacterial washes as they contain chemicals too harsh for the skin that cause oil-moisture imbalance.

Do not splash out on a facial cleanser; rather splurge on a good moisturizer or night cream. And unlike most acne cleansers, it doesn't produce flakes or leave our skin feeling tight and pinched. The best facial cleanser would be one for oily skin on the T-zone and for the cheeks use facial wash for dry skin. For skin with acne, use glycolic or salicylic acid, and tea tree oil facials washes as they deep clean the pores and help prevent pimples.

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