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Pulastya Skin Clinic feels proud to announce the opening of Delhi Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser Centre. Not just women, even men are walking in for laser Hair removal for Beard Shaping, Unwanted hair on ears, chest etc. In Pulastya Skin Clinic, We use the latest and Gold Standard High Speed LightSheer DUET which uses state-of the- art diode with vacuum-assist technology to remove unwanted hair and with greater speed and comfort than other methods. The High Speed Light Sheer DUET is a laser that produces a larger beam of highly concentrated light. The appearance of the treated area immediately following treatment will vary from patient to patient, depending on the extent of the  procedure and the skin type. RF Excited CO2 Fractional Laser System fires a laser beam which is then split into numbers of microscopic super fine beams, producing tiny dot, or pixel – like treatment zones within the selected target area of the skin, leaving the other zones within it perfectly intact.
Post treatment care involves avoiding direct sun exposure and using a good sunblock and sunscreen with moisturizer. At Pulastya Skin Clinic  we use erbium glass laser that delivers light in array of high precision microbeams. Post treatment care involves avoiding direct sun exposure and using a good sunblock and sunscreen with moisturizer. Cafe-au lait macules: these can be treated effectively in 1-2 sessions, but recurrence is common which requires multiple treatments.
Though the long-pulsed lasers are gold standards for the removal of terminal hair, Q-switched laser has been tried with and without topical carbon suspension. Macademy "innovating beauty by science" brings to India, for the first time, the concept of focused technology for dedicated treatments. Macademy provides solutions in the areas of body sculpting, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, laser aesthetics, laser hair reduction & stem cell therapy for hair re-growth and more. When it comes to finding effective treatment and care for multiple range of health issues, contact Healers Multispeciality Clinic. Laser Treatment For Skin , Skin Care Treatment Clinics in India.Skin care and body treatment services in India,Skin Care Treatment To prevent skins from different type od skin related disease. Passing through the surface layers of your skin, the light is absorbed by the tattooed pigments, causing them to break into smaller particles. Tattoo removal may require anywhere from one to ten laser treatment sessions, each treatment lasting only a few minutes, with four- to eight-week intervals between each session.

Tattoos require multiple treatment sessions, usually performed at 4-8 week intervals or longer. This laser emits a red light that is well absorbed by most amateur and professional tattoo ink colors except red and yellow. This laser is comparable to the QSRL when it is used to treat tattoos, particularly when treating green tattoos. An antibacterial ointment and a dressing will be applied to the area immediately after treatment if necessary. Laser treatment in this case will deal with the skin's pigmentation and does not cut through or harm the delicate surface of the skin. The LightSheer High Speed handpiece uses breakthrough vacuum assisted technology in combination with diode laser light to allow rapid and comfortable treatment of large areas.
This is because the laser works best when hairs are in an early growth stage (referred to as anagen), and all the hairs are not in this phase at the same time. Over course of  2-3 months, new collagen begins to form, creating healthy, more youthful skin. When used at lower fluences with a larger spot size, it is a medium depth laser peel, with less downtime and high patient satisfaction. Q-switched pulses produce a photomechanical impact on the tissue and also on hair shaft and hair follicle, causing reduction as well as delay in hair growth cycle. Rs.299 for Facials, Skin Lightening Treatment, Permanent Hair Removal & MORE at Macademy - 2 Locations! Take your pick from a list of 7 offers that include treatments ranging from facials to permanent hair removal to anti-dandruff treatment at Macademy! Advanced Dermatological Science combines with the latest laser and other cosmetic technologies to bring you the most focused beauty & skincare services at the state-of-the-art clinic. You can save on your shopping trip, while travelling or when you're relaxing during a beauty or wellness treatment. The energy delivered by a number of different lasers is targeted towards the carbon particles or dyes that are found in skin tattoos, allowing selective destruction of the foreign pigment while minimizing damage to the surrounding skin.
The different colors present in the tattoos may respond differently to laser tattoo removal. The method of delivery and the wavelengths used are designed to target only the tattooed pigments, without affecting the surrounding pigments and layers of skin.

Each treatment penetrates a little deeper, removing more ink and leaving the tattoo progressively lighter. However, it is effective for the treatment of brightly colored tattoos such as those that use red, purple, and orange inks.
When a lower fluence is used, the degree of pain is often described as comparable to that of a rubber band snapping against the skin.
During the procedure, the laser pulses for a fraction of a second, allowing the hair to absorb the light and heat up.
They may include redness and swelling around the hair follicle, which are, in fact, positive clinical results and indicate that the follicle has responded to treatment.
Subsequent regrowth of cells and collagen remodeling occurs making the skin smooth and youthful.
However, due to the risk of postinflammatory pigmentary changes in Indian skins, it should be used only after a test patch and adequate sun protection advised to the patient. Since it is not color dependent, it can be suited for all skin types, even on tanned skins without fear of pigmentary changes. Hypo-pigmentation, loss of pigment, and hyper-pigmentation, excess pigment, may be apparent after treatment but this can be expected to fade and normal skin tone should return after 6 months. Black ink is easiest to remove, because black absorbs the full spectrum of light, while green, blue, red, and other colors require more targeted laser pulses. The LightSheer DUET allows your physician to truly customize treatment for your hair type, skin type and lifestyle.
The Q-switched Nd:YAG laser at 1064nm can cause more pain, and a higher degree of textural changes to your skin than the QSRL. A topical anesthetic cream (such as EMLA®) or the infiltration of the surrounding skin with lidocaine may be necessary.
A test dose is a good idea in these situations, and the tattoos may be improved with subsequent laser treatments.

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