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After treatment the skin can have a warm glow resembling mild sunburn before diminishing within 12-24 hours. Pigmentation occurs as a result of sun exposure, ageing, hormones (melasma), pregnancy (chloasma) and skin damage.
The pigment can be near the surface (easier to remove) or deeper in the skin (harder to remove) and is often at various levels in most patients. Dr Spano has developed an amazing freckle removal fast-acting cream formula that is compounded by a pharmacist to such a strength that it cleans up dirty looking pigmentation rapidly.

Pigmented spots on the face and hands and chest can be removed with IPL lights systems if used in the correct way and by very experienced therapists such as those we have at Skinovate. Generally, the longer the pigment has been present the harder it is to remove, but satisfactory reduction can usually be achieved in most patients. The pigment improves gradually over time and sun exposure will make it recur after freckle removal treatment (after-care creams will be recommended and freshen-up peels after treatment can keep improving the skin colour).
The laser energy is pulsed over the skin using PhotoAcoustic Technology to gently vibrate and fragment the pigment which breaks the melanin into micro-particles.

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