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So maybe my scars look a lot worse because the surrounding skin that did not have scars became rejuvenated and brighter so it makes the scars more dark looking and pitted.
I would really love for a one time fix solution but acne scar treatments should be done correctly and take its time. The first 2 photos are of my right cheek with different lighting so you can see the severity of my scars. Details about  SCAR Esthetique Cream ADVANCED SCAR THERAPY Treatment Burns KELOID ACNE SCAR 4G.

Ideally you should wait 5-6 weeks between treatment but I chose the fast track by doing every 3 weeks. Old scars that have cooled down in the before photos are now red in the after - so it looks like I have a lot more scars. But after 5 more days the swelling will go down and the scars will be more visibility again. And from 2 weeks after the treatment date that’s when the surface layer healing is done and then the collagen healing beneath the skin begins.

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