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WHAT: Derma-Rx skin care products encompass just about every kind of serum, moisturiser, mask, eye cream and cleanser you could need, including products with doctor-strength vitamin C and tretinoin – the acid form of vitamin A that’s commonly known by its brand name Retin-A. Derma-Rx skin care products are specially formulated using high-grade ingredients and manufactured in GMP-certified facilities; they are used by Derma-Rx affiliated clinics around the world and only prescribed by medical doctors.
REVIEW: Seven skin care products are an awful lot for someone who can barely manage to take of her makeup every night, so I was a bit shocked at the amount of work that would be needed to trial the Derma-Rx skin care products.

My skin was definitely smoother, clearer and firmer at the end of my six week attempt to have a proper, “grown up”, skin care routine.
The doctors at the DRx Clinic will meet with you first to judge your skin’s needs before deciding on which products to prescribe for you. These are medical-grade skin care products and they smell like that; there’s no flowery scent, just the whiff of medicine.

If you put in the time and effort to use the Derma-Rx skin care products properly – I managed to do it for about six weeks – then you will definitely see results.

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