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Letting kids take a year out from school or at any time during the course of their educational path is a great choice that many parents are reluctant to make due to the kiasu nature of Asian parenting in always wanting to get ahead and staying ahead. Iceland had always been my dream destination because I would like to see its midnight sun during summer solstice, where there is no night in Iceland. When my husband told us that the next country on our list would be Iceland during the mid-year school holiday (in June), I took it as a gift! Most antibiotics are safe to take during pregnancy especially when the risks of not treating an infection are possible higher than the treatment. Unfortunately, if the mother has no other option but to take a medication with known risk factors for the fetus, that is a risk the obstetrician and the mother will need to discuss.
But then blogosphere got crowded and I got pregnant again and then went back to full time employment for a bit so the blog got put aside for awhile.

Depending upon the antibiotic taken during pregnancy the risks will differ, but in most cases complications of NOT taking the antibiotic are higher than taking it. Very rare side effects caused by antibiotic use during pregnancy include jaundice, damage to fetal cartilage, damage to fetal joint development and discoloration of fetal teeth. If an infection cannot be treated with an antibiotic that falls into the safest categories for pregnant women, an antibiotic will be used that will effectively treat the infection. The earlier in the pregnancy the antibiotic is taken, the higher the chance of risk to the fetus.
Risks depend on which antibiotic you take, so that's something to discuss with your doctor. In this case, the obstetrician will cover the possible effects of the antibiotic on the fetus before starting the pregnant mother on a series of the medication.

During that flight, the man who sat next to me would not allow us to change seats with him despite my child crying in front of him.
Pregnant women should also never consider taking a medication that is not prescribed by the obstetrician for illness during pregnancy. Just because the pregnant mom has an antibiotic from the same infection at another time does not mean that medication is safe for use during pregnancy.

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