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Walden started out good; however, thank goodness I am almost finished because they have been progressively been getting worse and worse.
I have not yet graduated, but I will tell you that Walden makes you work hard, but it is worth it. This icon indicates that a school has been recommended by at least 60% of students who reviewed the school.
You must have a strong nursing background to survive clinical rotations, which you must find your own preceptor and rely on the university for affiliation agreements, which are very unprofessional and not prompt and getting completed, thus slowing down or halting your academic progress. The changes they suggested had me dive in deep and I had to become an expert to create a really great literature review.
The university's "unethical" practice to recruit as many students with a failure to explain the financial aid process in details prior to and even during enrollment is deceptive.
No one at the university either knows their job or can provide any information on the specifics of requirements or expectations for any of the course work, Assignment rubrics and grading is prejudicial, and not according to content.

If you cannot get in elsewhere then you are still taking a big financial risk on attending at this ghost university.
Upon self-discovery of the latter, rather than the university trying to help me in a professional manner, I was made to feel ignorant and the blame was cast solely on me for not having the initial detailed information from the university. Walden will work with people who do not have English as their first language, or have no family background with college. I suspect that for some they might be in over their heads, but for those who are willing to work hard, Walden is a terrific university. I personally know people who are having a lot of difficulties with Walden and I do not recommend anyone to go here. At one point I was not given an academic advisor because the university was not aware that they had not given me one following the departure of the previous academic advisor.
Who incidentally had lacked advising and professionalism skills, small wonder she departed from the university.

What behooves me is that these people have master's and doctoral degrees, many from Walden university. Did I also mentioned that when a person telephones the university, you are advised and reminded that calls are monitored for "quality [guarantee]purposes, " a script that is embedded in the psychic of the university's staff and that is all there is to that action. I believe that good reputation is still important so PLEASE, PLEASE reconsider carefully before choosing Walden University, I had to learn the hard way after receiving initial warnings.

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